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Indiana University Bloomington


Entrepreneur-in-Residence: Walter Buckley

Walter Buckley III presentation

Walter Buckley III with Dr. K and Ralf Frieser looking on

Walter Buckley III presents with Andrew J. Sherman and
Dr. K in the background

PhD student Brian Anderson asks a question with fellow PhD student Anand Titus and Law Clinic Director Mark Need listening

The panel: Gary J. Anderson, Walter Buckley III, and
Andrew J. Sherman

The panel: Gary J. Sherman, Walter Buckley III, and Andrew J. Sherman

Andrew J. Sherman (R) makes a point while Walter
Buckley III listens

Gary J. Anderson expresses an opinion with Walter Buckley III observing

David Weisburd listens intently

MBA students Adam Dean, Perry Griffith, and Ethan Allen listen intently

Andrew J. Sherman autographs one of his books for MBA student Ben Trumbull

Walter Buckley III speaks to Dr. Joe Denekamp and David Weisburd

A distinguished group: (L-R) Gary J. Anderson, Walter Buckley III, Andrew J. Sherman, and Dr. K