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Indiana University Bloomington

Information Systems Graduate Programs


You can customize your MSIS degree by adding electives in select areas from Kelley’s top-20 MBA program. Adding this option is an excellent way to refine your skills and gain a solid understanding in a variety of business areas.

Master of Science in Information Systems


As an MSIS student, you’ll get a technical foundation while gaining skills in analysis, design, IT management and strategy. Our graduates immediately fill the emerging needs for business technologists in corporations through our leading-edge curriculum that provides a balance of managerial, business, and technical coursework complemented real-world experiences. These include:

 A graphic pyramid depicting the components of the MSIS program: IS Strategy, Management and Technology Concepts; MBA Electives and Experiential Learning MBA Electives: While other programs focus on IT skills only, we understand that to be successful today you’ll need to sharpen your skills in areas such as client communications, consulting strategies, presentations, organizational development and change, negotiations, and ethics through MBA electives at our top-tier business school.

IS Strategy, Management, and Technology Concepts: Solve the IT issues of major corporations backed by knowledge learned from our faculty members who are leading researchers in IT general controls, information security, data warehousing, business process design, service-oriented architecture, IT innovation, project management, executive leadership strategy and other areas.

Experiential Learning: Nothing prepares you for the challenges you’ll face in the boardroom like experiential learning. Classroom presentations, casework studies, and company-sponsored, projects will help you develop confidence and learn to work as part of team.

Internships: Applying classroom knowledge to real business world challenges is an integral part of learning. The MSIS program requires all students to participate in a non-credit internship. Non-credit internship details.

MS in Information Systems Program Learning Goals:

Through these goals, students who earn an MSIS degree will be able to:

  • Goal 1: Technical Expertise      

    Demonstrate a thorough command of the technical aspects of information systems.

  • Goal 2: Managerial and Organizational Frameworks    

    Explain how managerial and organizational issues affect the use of information systems in organizations.

  • Goal 3: Integration with Other Functional Areas of Business     

    Integrate information systems and information technology with other business topics to analyze and recommend solutions to business problems.

  • Goal 4: Critical Thinking and Communication 

    Apply critical thinking skills to develop evidence-based recommendations and effectively communicate them to non-technical professionals.

  • Goal 5: Risk, Compliance and Ethical Considerations  

    Demonstrate an understanding of the risk management, compliance and ethical issues in the use of information systems in organizations.

  • Goal 6: Teamwork and Collaboration   

    Demonstrate effective teamwork and collaboration skills and the ability to work with clients professionally.

Course Descriptions:  

Operations & Decision Technologies Course Descriptions

Management & Entrepreneurship Course Descriptions

Schedule of Classes from the Indiana University Registrar