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Indiana University Bloomington

Institute for International Business

Global Experience

At Kelley, you can gain valuable experience as a global leader even before you graduate with Global Business & Social Enterprise programs (GLOBASE), Emerging Market Experience, and study abroad programs at the graduate and undergraduate level.


The Kelley Institute for Social Impact works to educate students on how to use their business knowledge to alleviate poverty through work in social entrepreneurship, economic development, and global community building.

Staff Directory

We work to develop and support internationalization of the Kelley School of Business by collaborating with other leading business schools, companies, and government organizations around the world.

Contact the Institute for International Business at (812) 855-5944 or IIB [at] indiana [dot] edu to find out how we can work together to further understanding of the worldwide market.

Staff Member
Patricia P. McDougall-Covin
(812) 856-1895
mcdougal [at] indiana [dot] edu
LaVonn Schlegel
(812) 855-3365
llschleg [at] indiana [dot] edu
Managing Director
Christine Davis
(812) 855-5040
cdavis [at] indiana [dot] edu
Director of Programs
T. Jeffrey Pohlen
(812) 856-5544
tpohlen [at] indiana [dot] edu
Director of Operations & Technology
Jonathan Crum
(812) 855-1716
jocrum [at] indiana [dot] edu
Program Manager
Stephanie Nguyen
(812) 855-8640
stenguye [at] indiana [dot] edu
Program Manager
Vicki Dickson
(812) 855-0915
dicksonv [at] indiana [dot] edu
Program Manager
Emily Bagienski
(812) 855-5749
ebagiens [at] indiana [dot] edu
Program Manager
Joni Beatrice
(812) 855-5944
jlbeatri [at] indiana [dot] edu
Office Manager
Heather Yarnall-Kates
(812) 855-3277
hkates [at] indiana [dot] edu
Grant Compliance Monitor
Lindsay G. Turpen
(812) 855-5283
lgturpen [at] indiana [dot] edu
Event Manager