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Institute for Global Organizational Effectiveness


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Projects Overview

Global Fellows of the Institute for Global Organizational Effectiveness have extensive experience working in many different types of industries throughout Latin America as well as in the US and Europe. All of them are multicultural and fully fluent in two or three languages (i.e., English, Spanish, and Portuguese) and, in many cases, speak several additional languages (e.g., German, Dutch, French, Italian). They share a common and highly desirable ability to adapt and adjust to fluid business environments, particularly those in emerging markets such as Latin America. They are currently enhancing their business acumen and increasing their own human capital by studying in the MBA program at the Kelley School of Business. Their collective competencies make our Fellows uniquely qualified to work on projects with Institute for Global Organizational Effectiveness partner organizations.

As an example of a recent project, the Institute for Global Organizational Effectiveness, in conjunction with the MBA Consulting Academy, successfully completed a project for Ad Astra Rocket Company, a spaceflight engineering company dedicated to the development of advanced plasma rocket propulsion ( The project sponsor and founder of Ad Astra, Dr. Franklin Chang-Diaz, asked IGOE to evaluate the market prospects of four specific applications of its Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket (VASIMR®) engine. Dr. Chang-Diaz was born in San José, Costa Rica, earned a Ph.D. in applied plasma physics and fusion technology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, became an astronaut in 1981 (logging over 1,600 hours in space), and retired from NASA in 2005. A multi-functional team of 10 Global Fellows was assigned to help Dr. Chang-Diaz decide which of these four market opportunities looked most attractive. The team members were Milton Ayala (MBA 2012), José Pablo Vega (MBA 2012), Eduardo Herrera (MBA 2012), Ignacio Jacome (MBA 2013), Wilder Ramirez (MBA 2013), Samuel Romanowsky (MBA 2013), Pablo Segovia (MBA 2013), Luisa Torres (MBA 2013), Diego Gamboa (MBA 2013), and Samantha Guerreiro (MBA 2013). The IGOE team delivered a thorough assessment of the market opportunities, and presented their findings to Dr. Chang-Diaz and his team.

In a recent project, members of the Institute for Global Organizational Effectiveness worked with Ideame( Ideame is a crowd-sourced funding platform based in Argentina that helps creative entrepreneurs raise money for their projects by connecting directly with supporters who receive rewards set by the entrepreneur in exchange for their sponsorship. The IGOE team was comprised of Avril Fuentes (MBA 2013), Diego Gamboa (MBA 2013), Ignacio Jacome (MBA 2013) and Wilder Ramirez (MBA 2013). This team worked directly with Lucila Suarez Battan, Ideame's COO, to increase the popularity of Ideame in Latin America by developing a plan to improve the probability of success for entrepreneurs using Ideame as a platform to receive sponsorship and investments. The deliverable was a document detailing a seven-step strategy for entrepreneurs to be successful on Ideame based upon relevant research of the crowd-funding industry. This seven-step strategy was supplemented with practical tools for entrepreneurs, which include a marketing strategy template, a technique to create a good story, a description of social media platforms and a sample of successful projects in the past. With a partnership between Ideame and IGOE established, the goal for future work includes identifying strategies to enhance Ideame value proposition among investors.

Another recent project involved the Geo Global Foundation (TGGF), a leading philanthropic foundation that creates bridges between Latin America and the rest of the world. TGGF’s Founder and President, Ariel Aisiks, asked IGOE for assistance in defining TGGF’s vision, mission, strategic objectives, and overall online presence. The IGOE team included the following Class of 2013 MBA Global Fellows: Pablo Segovia, Diego Gamboa, Avril Fuentes, Luisa Torres, Ignacio Jacome, Wilder Ramirez, and Samantha Guerreiro. As part of the deliverables, the IGOE team produced vision and mission statements as well as content to be used for TGGF’s global outreach efforts. IGOE teams will continue to assist the GEO Global Foundation with other initiatives.

As yet another example, the Institute for Global Organizational Effectiveness successfully completed a project for IntraGreens, the premier leatherleaf grower in Costa Rica, and one of the leading sources of leatherleaf imports in the U.S. market ( The project sponsor and founder of IntraGreens, James Shank, asked IGOE to evaluate a new packaging option designed to boost consumer value perceptions about leatherleaf, and ultimately increase IntraGreens’ sales. A multi-functional team of 4 Global Fellows was assigned to help Mr. Shank decide whether this business opportunity was worth pursuing. The team members were Michelle Haberfeld (MBA 2011), Eduardo Haberfeld (MBA 2011), Milton Ayala (MBA 2012), and José Pablo Vega (MBA 2012). The IGOE team delivered a thorough assessment of the business opportunity at hand, which encompassed a leatherleaf value chain analysis, the formulation of retailers’ and distributors’ rationale for supporting the new packaging, and primary research on consumers and business partners. Additionally, the team proposed substitute strategies that IntraGreens can pursue to accomplish their growth objectives.

Global Fellows are able to work on projects in the following areas:


Our Global Fellows assist partner organizations to achieve their objectives in domains such as consumer goods, business-to-business, professional services, and not-for-profit activities. Our Fellows are particularly well-suited to engage in marketing and sales projects in Latin America as well as the increasingly important Hispanic market segment in the US.

Consumer Insight

For our partner organizations, understanding their customers’ needs and desires is essential for implementing successful marketing strategies. Our Fellows facilitate a deeper understanding of customers and assist with developing the right techniques for reaching them by applying a variety of research and data analysis approaches.


Our Fellows conduct branding assessment that allow our partner organizations succeed by helping them understand the needs and wants of their customers. Branding projects include assessments of brand strategy and brand results.

Brand Asset Management

As companies increasing come to realize that brands are a critical source of sustainable competitive advantage, they are treating them as one of their most valuable assets.  Success in this regard requires that firms take brand equity into account when making marketing decisions about product, pricing, advertising, and distribution. Our Fellows provide critical assistance with this critical aspect of marketing by evaluating and recommending marketing decisions which will create and sustain brand equity.


Our Fellows help ensure that products appear in the right store at the right time and in the right quantities. Our Fellows work closely with the buying teams of our partner organizations to enhance the accuracy of forecast trends, plan inventories, and monitor performance.

Digital/Social Media

Using digital and social media marketing channels effectively requires that such efforts be properly aligned with brand strategies. Our Fellows help partner organizations maximize their effectiveness in these arenas by applying a variety of statistical and strategic-analysis techniques to determine and improve the alignment between these marketing activities and a firm’s overall brand goals. 

Communication Strategy

Our Fellows help with communication strategy and analyze and make recommendations for conveying and sharing vital information with target audiences and stakeholders. These activities allow our partner organizations to promote awareness, knowledge, and understanding of their important projects and activities.


A number of our fellows have worked in the banking sector in several countries throughout Latin America.  Given that Latin American banking systems have evolved to dynamically respond to high inflation and economic instability, working with them requires competencies with advanced corporate finance techniques.  The unique collective background of our Fellows, combined with the quantitative skills they are acquiring in their MBA studies, enable them to understand and evaluate financial situations in all types and sizes of organizations.   Thus, our Fellows provide assistance with financial decision-making processes in all business aspects.

Company Valuation

Proper asset valuation is critical because it establishes the basis for the alignment of corporate strategies and resource allocations. Our Fellows help our partner organizations address this challenge with our holistic business valuation approach.  In addition to facilitating the determination of the extrinsic and intrinsic value of  companies, our technique also provides insight into firms’ competitive advantages, economic moats, sector dynamics, and value-generation capacity.

Company Analysis

Understanding growth trajectory is critical for making adjustments to become and remain market leaders.  Our Fellows are equipped to conduct forward-looking analyses which would assess how well companies are situated to create value for their shareholders.  Such assessment includes determination of a company’s positions relative its closest competitors, evaluation of the alignment of business units with overall corporate strategy, and appraisal of a firm’s capital structure.

Project Evaluation

Our Fellows provide more focused evaluation of projects such as product innovation to determine their capacity requirements and implications for profit, cash flow, assets and liabilities.  These evaluations allow our partner organizations to assess financial outcomes and provide senior management with the necessary knowledge of both immediate and long-term outcomes.

Business Financial Performance

Our Fellows provide internal analysis of corporate financial performance by geography and business segment. This type of project includes conducting a variance analysis, with in-depth explanations of actual performance, and preparing reports for specific markets.


Based on their extensive work experiences, our Fellows have come to recognize that effective management of business processes and day-to-day operations are vital to organizational success.  In this regard, they provide customized feedback on and recommendations for the operational practices of our partner organizations. Specifically, our Fellows have a deep understanding of how managers can leverage technology to improve the operations and profitability of their firms.

Procurement Analysis

Our Fellows evaluate procurement policies to assess the quality of deals with vendors. Our Fellows also evaluate how well procurement processes promote fair and open competition for firms while minimizing exposure to fraud and collusion.

Demand Planning

Demand planning is an integrative set of processes across and within enterprises and across their trade-partner networks. Beyond forecasting, demand planning enables business leaders to manage all the activities associated with discovering markets, planning products or services for those markets, and then meeting demand. Our Fellows assess demand planning strategies and provide cost savings improvements and solutions.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management is keeping materials, parts, products and stock items supplied and readily accessible. Inventory Management involves maintaining records and ordering stock at appropriate times, as well as forecasting future stock needs based on orders, seasons or scheduled production. Our Fellows assist our partner organizations with all of these inventory management activities, as well as with tracking inventory costs and usage rates, and creating better systems for tracking shipping schedules and delivery.

Data Mining

Data mining is the process of extracting and interpreting patterns from company databases in order to improve profitability. The benefits of data mining can be applied in areas such as customer relationship management and market basket analysis.  Our Fellows initiate, guide, and complete data-mining projects.


Our Fellows have extensive experience working with companies that implemented flexible strategies to respond to frequent economic shifts in countries throughout Latin America. Consequently, our Fellows have the ability to think critically about organizations’ strategic foci and directions. They use these skills to help our partner organizations evaluate constraints of particular situations and determine the strategic objectives an organization should follow to increase its competitive advantage.  

Market Intelligence

Our Fellow identify opportunities for our partner organizations in new markets and discover untapped or under-served potential customers. After selecting the appropriate market, our Fellows analyze the best positioning to ensure a successful entry.

Market Risk Profile

Our Fellows analyze the competitive forces that surround and affect company performance, including a firm’s internal market structure, current trends, supply and demand dynamics, price volatility, and government policies and regulation.