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Institute for Global Organizational Effectiveness


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About Us

Welcome from the Director

Dr. Herman Aguinis
"The successful company of the present calls on talent and resources—especially human capital—wherever they can be found around the globe, just as it sells its goods and services around the globe."

Global companies were once defined as firms that simply sold goods in overseas markets.  Later, global companies assumed a manufacturing presence in numerous countries.  Today, just as companies sell goods and services worldwide, successful companies draw on talent and resources—especially human capital—wherever they can be found around the globe.  Indeed, the very notion of a conventional “headquarters country” may no longer apply, as companies migrate to places of greatest advantage.  The new global organization might be based in the United States but does its software programming in Brazil, its engineering in Germany, and its manufacturing in China.  Every outpost is increasingly connected seamlessly by a wide range of electronic media, such that far-flung employees and freelancers can work together in real time. 

True globalization is now a reality and with it comes new demand for finding, developing and retaining top talent—a growing need.  Talent is now being sourced from the global marketplace and is the world’s most sought-after commodity. Today, “knowledge workers” in particular are critical to organizational (and national) competitiveness. Yet, merely having such talent within the organization is not sufficient.  In today’s workplace firms that excel will be those that are able to create and sustain productive collaboration among employees from different countries, cultures and backgrounds.  In short, the winners will be those firms who can actualize the performance potential that is embedded in a diverse workforce.

The mission of the Institute for Global Organizational Effectiveness is to enhance the global effectiveness of organizations by augmenting their human capital—with an emphasis on Latin America.  An important part of this mission is the consideration of diversity as a competitive advantage in terms of an organization’s human capital.   

It is a dream for me to be able to give an opportunity to so many motivated and smart students, who would be denied that opportunity otherwise. It is also rewarding to make a big impact on organizations throughout Latin America. Kelley is the perfect school to do this, because of the caliber of the faculty, of the students and the resources at IU. I invite you to be part of this exciting initiative by becoming involved with the Institute as an MBA Global Fellow, PhD Global Fellow, or Advisory Board Member.