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Indiana University Bloomington

Quick guide to handling academic misconduct at I.U.

If you suspect academic misconduct (cheating):

1. Hold an informal conference with the student, explaining what you suspect and why.

2. Give the student a chance to explain, and dismiss the issue if it gets cleared up at this point.

3. If you still think the student has cheated, your actions will depend on the program in which you teach.

a) If you teaching MBA courses, you should report your suspicion to the MBA Conduct Review Committee, which will immediately respond by setting up a review of the situation.  This committee will then recommend action to the instructor.

      b) Non-MBA courses proceed directly to step four.

4. You may impose an appropriate academic sanction (e.g. lower or failing grade for assignment or course; redo assignment; withdrawal from course).  MBA instructors will have the guidance of the Conduct Review Committee to help them decide on appropriate action.

5. Within fourteen (14) calendar days send a report (forms are available from appropriate program chairs) to the Dean of Students and notify the Assoc. Dean of Faculty and Research. 

6. Once sanctions have been imposed and the report submitted, the student will have the opportunity to appeal the sanctions.

7. Administrators will be called to resolve the issue in the following order:

a) Department Chair

b) Chair of Academic Fairness Committee

c) Entire Academic Fairness Committee (has final word at school level)

d) Dean of Faculties (has the final word)