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Instructional Consulting

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Interpretation of Student Evaluations of Teaching

Interpret SETs

Students evaluations of teaching or SETS can offer instructors useful feedback about their courses, curricula or instructional practices, but they can also be difficult to interpret or make use of, especially when shrouded in inexpressive or unprofessional language and when numerical data seem like a hopeless jumble of numbers.

If you would like help interpreting your SETs, I would be happy to help.  After studying your data, I will consult with you in a comfortable, private setting. I will help you recognize what your students identify as the strengths of your course, curriculum or teaching and also help you see the aspects of these that students believe could be improved. If you wish, we will also collaborate to address some of the feedback offered by your students.

Faculty who seek our help with their SETs can expect full privacy and strict confidentiality; I am the "safe place" to discuss your evaluations, even when they are difficult or perhaps distressing. Under no circumstances will any information about your work with me be shared with anyone including top administration.

For help interpreting your SETs, contact Eric Metzler to set up an appointment.

For SET policies and procedures, see our FAQ or contact Eric Metzler.