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Indiana University Bloomington

Instructional Consulting

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Personal Instructional Consultations

Eric Metzler

Interested in trying a new instructional strategy, but not quite sure how? Want to energize your lectures with active learning, but unsure about methods? Frustrated at poor learning outcomes despite your best efforts to engage students? If you answered yes to these or other such questions, then a personal instructional consultation is for you.

In a comfortable, private setting, Kelley's instructional consultant (Eric Metzler), will meet with you once, several times, or on an on-going basis to collaborate on any aspect of your teaching you wish to discuss, hone, or remediate. Consultations vary in structure: at times, consultants serve as sounding boards or help to brainstorm new ideas; other times, they will offer suggestions and tips based on current research; occasionally, consultants will diagnose problems and assist the faculty-client in solving a problem or group of problems. If the faculty-client desires, consultants can also visit the classroom one or more times to observe teaching in action in order to offer suggestions that address specific issues. These observation consultations usually entail a pre-observation discussion and a post-observation follow-up debriefing as well. Regardless of structure, however, each consultation is ultimately guided by the goals of the faculty-client.

Faculty wishing to engage a personal instructional consultation can expect full privacy and strict confidentiality; Eric is the "safe place" to discuss any aspect of teaching, even aspects that are difficult or perhaps distressing. No information about your consultation will be reported to any administrative body anywhere or at any time. Eric assumes a professional consultant-client privilege so that unless you chose to divulge that you have worked with us, no one - including chairs, deans, and directors - would ever know that you had engaged our services. To arrange a personal instructional consultation, contact Eric Metzler to set up an appointment.