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Orientation and Acculturation for New Instructors

Whether you are joining the faculty at the Kelley School with tenure and previous teaching experience, beginning your career as a doctoral student with no teaching experience, or some place in between these extremes, it is always a little disorienting beginning one's work at a new institution. Not only must new instructors learn administrative structures and more generally, "how things are done," but they must also pick up on the school's culture, both formal and informal.

What will my students be like at the Kelley School? What kinds of grade distribution requirements are there? What kind of instruction do students expect? How are courses evaluated by students? These and other questions will naturally occur to new instructors and we are pleased to answer them for you or help you to find the answers from other sources.

A detailed list of frequently asked questions for new faculty will be your first recourse to getting your questions answered.  If you cannot find an answer there, please contact Eric Metzler, Kelley's instructional consultant, for an answer to your specific quesiton.