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Indiana University Bloomington

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Program Learning Goals


Learning goals at the program level comprise the knowledge, skills, and attitudes each program expects its graduates to command upon graduation.  They should guide and structure each program’s curriculum to ensure that students receive the instruction and/or learning opportunities they need in order to achieve mastery of the goals.  Therefore, each course in a given program’s curriculum should align with at least one of its program’s learning goals.

Program Goals

Program learning goals are framed in broad terms in order to encompass the large and complex conceptual aspects of the degree.  Because of their scope and applicability to multiple disciplines and courses, program learning goals can and should be assessed in a variety of ways through whichever various courses map to those goals.  For example, if a program learning goal states that “graduates should be able communicate effectively in a variety of media,” one could imagine an array of assessments that might evaluate students’ mastery of that goal.  One could be a business memo; another, an oral presentation; a third, a multi-media show – all of these reveal students’ ability to communicate effectively, though in different ways.

The links below will provide you with the most current program learning goals for the Kelley School of Business.  We recommend that you attach the appropriate set of program learning goals to your syllabus as an appendix.  Then, earlier in your syllabus, when you articulate specific learning outcomes, you should indicate to students how select learning outcomes relate to the overarching learning goals.  Bear in mind, though, that not every learning outcome will necessarily relate to a program goal.

Bloomington Campus Learning Goals

Indianapolis Campus Learning Goals