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Evening MBA Program Learning Goals (IUPUI)

  • Critical Analysis and Problem Solving

    Students who earn the MBA degree will be able to identify, integrate and apply the appropriate tools and techniques of business, drawing on knowledge of the major functions (accounting, economics, finance, quantitative methods, marketing, operations management, and strategy) to critically understand, analyze and solve complex business problems that may arise in both the domestic and the global arenas.

  • An Integrative and Global Perspective

    Students who earn the MBA degree will demonstrate a thorough understanding of how various external forces in the global economy (e.g., economic, political, regulatory, competitive, environmental and cultural) shape management alternatives, strategies and operational decisions and to foresee the potential business outcomes.

  • Leadership and Effective Team Collaboration 

    Students who earn the MBA degree will demonstrate the leadership and teamwork skills necessary for productive and effective management and decision-making.  Encouraging, examining, and comprehending the diverse views of others across different cultural, ethnic, and economic groups and stakeholders will be an important aspect of this learning goal.

  • Ethical Decision-Making

    Students who earn the MBA degree will demonstrate an ability to recognize ethical and related legal issues that arise in domestic and international environments and will be able to formulate, articulate and defend alternative solutions.

  • Effective Communication

    Students who earn the MBA degree will demonstrate an ability to effectively express ideas and facts in a variety of oral, written and visual communications.

  • Professional Skills and Personal Development

    Students who earn the MBA degree will develop an actionable plan for individual career and professional skills development that encompasses reflective self-assessment, the setting of personal and professional goals and the acknowledgement of tradeoffs which must be made to attain those goals, and the consideration of their future contributions to business and the community as alumni of the Kelley School of Business.