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Kelley Direct MBA Program Learning Goals

Goal 1: Internal Structures and Operations

Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the internal structures and operations of businesses ranging in size from small to multinational.

Goal 2: External Environments

Demonstrate a thorough understanding of how the interplay between business and various external forces, both domestic and international (e.g., regulatory, competitive, environmental and non-governmental interest groups) shape management decisions, strategies and outcomes.

Goal 3: Integration of Tools and Techniques of Business

Integrate and apply the tools and techniques of business, drawing on a broad-based knowledge of the major functions (accounting, economics, finance, information systems, marketing, operations management, and strategy) to solve complex business problems and make sound business decisions in both the domestic and the global arenas.

Goal 4: Professional Skills

Utilize various human relation skills effectively, both within and across cultures, including 1. leadership; 2. oral and written communication; 3. teamwork and collaboration; and 4. reflective self assessment.

Goal 5: Legal and Ethical Considerations

Recognize legal and ethical problems that arise in the domestic and international environment and choose and defend solutions to those problems.

Goal 6: Internationalization

Recognize and reconcile cultural differences when solving complex business problems.