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Learning Outcomes and Program Goals In Your Syllabus


The links associated with this page are designed to assist you in the process of incorporating learning outcomes into your syllabus and then relating them to the learning goals of the program in which your course is taught.

Begin with a visit to “Articulating Clear Learning Outcomes.”  Here you can watch a short video presentation about the topic and also get some tips and examples to help you write learning outcomes for your course.

Next, visit “Linking Learning Outcomes to Program Goals in Your Syllabus.”  On this page, you can again watch a short video presentation on the subject and also see the suggested procedure for completing the work in your syllabus.  Here you will also find brief examples and a link to an actual syllabus excerpt to give you an idea of how the finished product might look.

Since all syllabi must include the appropriate program goals as an appendix, you will find easy links to the learning goals for each of Kelley’s academic programs already in Word format.  So, all you have to do is click and copy and viola, your appendix is done.

Finally, the optional link is available to instructors who would like to structure and organize their learning outcomes under broader course goals.  Although not required, you may wish to consider this link, particularly if your course has broad, conceptual learning goals that defy articulation as one learning outcome.