Investment Banking Network

Premier Experience

The Investment Banking Network comprises a suite of investment banking programs, both graduate and undergraduate, that provide high potential students with superior access to opportunities within the industry.

  • We leverage our alumni network in preparing students to become outstanding performers while building Kelley’s established presence in the financial services industry.
  • We create environments for alumni to contribute to and strengthen the professional development of our students well beyond graduation, and continue to enhance our alumni's professional development post-graduation.
  • Our programs are unique in that all of the programs are integrated, allowing students at all levels to learn from each other in a community-like environment.
  • Our students assume direct and indirect responsibility for their development and placement results. Older students operate as leaders, teachers, coaches, mentors, and ambassadors. Younger students are respected beneficiaries as long as their positions are earned and well deserved.

David Haeberle   |   Peterson Faculty Fellow in Investment Banking   |   BS '83, MBA & JD '86 & '98

“Since the Fall of 2002, the Kelley Schools investment banking programs have increased in popularity with both students and investment banking firms, which has resulted in increased placement activity. At the same time, we have built curriculum, second to none, such that students excel on internships or with initial placement. More importantly, our fine students are frequently in the top third of the investment banking class, have above average retention rates within the industry, and are promoted quicker and more frequently than their peers from other universities.”

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