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MBA Capital Markets Academy

The Capital Markets Academy is an exclusive program that combines traditional corporate finance and accounting courses with a practitioner’s approach teaching students how to “play the game” of investment banking.

First year MBA students are admitted early in the fall semester and have intense focus on the financial services industry, the practice of investment banking, and the associate�s role in the investment banking process. The capstone of the first year experience is in the spring semester; alumni teach students how to achieve high performance during the summer internship with high confidence, passion, and enthusiasm. The second year MBA students focus on career management techniques promoting the student�s ability to accelerate and enhance career development, as well as wealth creation tactics and strategies. Second year MBA students become leaders, coaches, and mentors of the next generation of first year students as long as earned, deserved, and respected.

Todd Richter   |   Managing Director Bank of America Merrill Lynch   |   Kelley School MBA ’81

“Bank of America Merrill Lynch's focus on recruiting from the Kelley School, and specifically the Capital Markets Academy, is a result of several factors: the students are technically well prepared, have a terrific work ethic and, perhaps most importantly, they understand the rigors and competitive dynamics of our investment banking platform. The students we've hired to date have all ranked at the top of their class and have performed extremely well. We look forward to continuing our fine tradition of recruiting from the Kelley School.”

Kelley School of Business