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Indiana University Bloomington

Institute of Business Analytics


Business analytics is rapidly evolving. So are its diverse source disciplines, including information systems, statistics, computer science, marketing, operations, and decision sciences. This continuous evolution makes it both important and challenging for professionals interested in business analytics to keep up with new developments.

That’s why the Institute for Business Analytics has created a resources wiki, Our wiki includes links to articles and monographs, blogs, professional groups, organizations and directories, tools, videos, books, magazines, journals, and more, all related to business analytics.

The wiki’s resources are organized into three areas:

  • Analytic techniques, where you’ll find links to a wide variety of models, software tools, and information on techniques such as data mining, text analytics, simulation, and optimization
  • Data sources and tools, featuring resources related to managing and leveraging data for analytics
  • Decisions and applications, which contains links to examples and insights involving the application of business analysis to real-world decision making

We encourage you to suggest links to other relevant sites and to share information on the latest publications and software. Please submit any suggestions to kiba [at] indiana [dot] edu.