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Indiana University Bloomington

Institute of Business Analytics

The Kelley Advantage

Our corporate partners include business analytics leaders such as SAS, McKinsey & Company, P&G, Deloitte, and Booz Allen Hamilton.


Frank Acito and Vijay Khatri

Vijay Khatri and Frank Acito


“Business analytics is helping forward-thinking organizations improve virtually every area of their work.”


About Us

The Institute for Business Analytics (IBA) uses the resources of the prestigious Kelley School of Business to produce insightful research and train professionals who can excel in this exciting new field.

What Is Business Analytics?

Simply put, it’s using data to make better business decisions. And it’s becoming big business.

For years, companies have collected data about their practices and consumers. Now, thanks to inexpensive computing, more and more companies are putting their data to work—using techniques such as predictive analytics, optimization, and simulation to make fact-based decisions that improve productivity, increase profits, and create a competitive advantage.

Kelley: Leading the Way

To make the most of business analytics, companies need innovative ideas and well-trained professionals. That’s where Kelley comes in.

One of just a few business analytics programs nationwide, IBA offers:

  • An academic program that prepares students to solve business problems using analytics
  • Corporate partnerships that shape Kelley’s understanding of analytics and help companies tap into Kelley’s talent
  • Cross-disciplinary research by Kelley’s expert faculty
  • Seminars, conferences, a speaker series, and a case competition that bring together professionals, faculty, and students