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Salesperson Selection, Training, and Development: Trends, Implications, and Research Opportunities

2005, Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management

William L Cron, Greg W Marshall, Jagdip Singh, Rosann L Spiro, Harish Sujan


Building on the forces of change in selling identified in the introductory paper of this Special Issue of JPSSM, we identify and explicate trends, managerial implications, and research opportunities in two important domains of the selling field: training and development (TD) and selection. Part One focuses on TD of salespeople, and argues why a fresh perspective on salesperson TD is essential. Then, taking a knowledge, skills, and ability (KSA) approach, a framework for future TD content is proposed around three levels of KSAs: task-related KSAs, growth-related KSAs, and meta-KSAs. Part Two, on selection, focuses on several important predictors of salesperson success: cognitive ability tests, personality inventories, and biodata. Then, assessment methods are reviewed. Finally, we summarize with a discussion of emerging trends and research opportunities. The focus of the discussion is on both enhancing salesperson performance and affording scholars new research opportunities.


Cron, William L., Greg W. Marshall, Jagdip Singh, Rosann L. Spiro, and Harish Sujan (2005), "Salesperson Selection, Training, and Development: Trends, Implications, and Research Opportunities," Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, Vol. 25, No. 2, pp. 123-136.