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Center for Global Sales Leadership


"The Center for Global Sales Leadership at IU makes a rare and important contribution to improving our knowledge of this vital business function."

Neil Rackham, author of Spin Selling and consultant to the world's leading corporations

Research & Publications


Call for Papers - The Global Sales Science Institute (GSSI) 2013 conference in Aalen, Germany, will explore the challenges and opportunities in the Sales 3.0 era with both practitioners and academics to get their perspectives on the changes in the field. Dr. Rosann Spiro serves as the elected Chair of the GSSI.

The GSSI 2013 Conference will be at Aalen University in Aalen, Germany from June 26-June 28, 2013. GSSI is an international network formed in 2007 by both academics and practitioners involved in sales & sales management. Its intent is to build knowledge and practice within the sales & sales management areas around the globe. GSSI focuses on further advancing global collaboration in sales research, practice, and education.

The conference will have presentations of peer-reviewed papers, as well as panel discussions and invited keynote addresses by noted practitioners. All topics related to sales management and personal selling are invited. The papers can range from theory development to concepts for measurements and modeling to testing propositions in empirical or experimental studies. Papers based on cross-cultural studies and having international implications are particularly welcome.


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