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In 2014, the Sales Education Foundation ranked us among the nation's top university sales education programs.

Kelley Love Runs Deep for InterCall President

Scott Etzler BS'75

President, Intercall

Scott Etzler

“Kelley graduates have that good Midwest work ethic coupled with the right academic underpinnings. They don’t just work hard—they work smart."

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Scott Etzler is one of the Center for Global Sales Leadership’s biggest champions. And one of its most prominent.

Etzler is President of InterCall, the world’s largest provider of audio, video, and Web-based business services. The company brings in over $1 billion in revenue every year. InterCall serves over 400,000 individual conference leaders in more than 40,000 organizations around the globe, with 26 U.S. sales offices and a global reach that extends from Canada to the United Kingdom to India and more.

Etzler knows the value of a Kelley education—having earned his degree there in 1975—and he makes sure InterCall’s recruiters visit Kelley. When a potential new hire’s resume reflects experience with the Center for Global Sales Leadership and its student group, the Global Sales Workshop, Etzler knows he has found a top-notch employee.

InterCall is also a corporate sponsor of the Center, which gives the firm access to top students who have the desire to become successful sales leaders—just what InterCall needs to maintain its dominance in the field, says Etzler.

“InterCall is a sales and marketing driven company, and we have become the largest provider in the world because we have the best sales and marketing people working for us,” says Etzler. “IU has provided InterCall with exceptional sales talent for years, and the center offers us the opportunity for an even closer tie-in to IU’s highly-trained students. We have a great deal of belief in the product that the Kelley School of Business brings forward—and we definitely look for that center experience on resumes when we’re interviewing.”

InterCall recruits from many universities, but Etzler says that Indiana University is one of their favorite places to discover new talent. Each year, the company hires 15 to 20 IU graduates, most from Kelley. And those grads tend to stick around—and ascend through the ranks. After all, Etzler himself is Kelley graduate as are InterCall’s executive vice president of sales and the executive vice president of marketing and business development. Coincidence? Hardly.

“Kelley graduates have that good Midwest work ethic coupled with the right academic underpinnings. They don’t just work hard—they work smart,” says Etzler.

Published April 14, 2011