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Calling on the World's Biggest Retailer

Alix Moll BS'07

Sales Analyst, Unilever

Alix Moll

“Sales grounds you in reality. It helps you learn what drives consumer decisions and purchase behavior."

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Alix Moll has come a long way from selling Kool-Aid on the golf course as a kid in Mount Vernon, Indiana. Instead of hawking cold drinks to thirsty golfers, this Kelley graduate is selling lotion to the world’s largest retailer, Walmart.

When she joined Unilever after graduation in 2007, Moll initially worked as assistant brand manager of Degree deodorant in Chicago. While there, she was part of the marketing department, helping to design and launch new products. Although she loved it, she began to crave a deeper understanding of Unilever’s many products and requested sales experience. “I could tell that I would never be as good a marketer without a sales background,” she says. “Sales grounds you in reality. It helps you learn what drives consumer decisions and purchase behavior."

Flash forward to now, and she’s a Unilever sales analyst living in Bentonville, Arkansas—home of Walmart headquarters. She’ll be there for a year, working with her team to fuel Walmart growth through Unilever brands like Vaseline, Dove, and Suave body lotions.

“My favorite part of this job is learning about Walmart,” she says. “It’s the most powerful and intelligent retailer that we’ve seen in a very long time. Learning their business model has been really cool.”

Moll’s career success is no surprise. She was always a standout student at Kelley, and she channeled her many talents into the school’s Global Sales Workshop, where she truly shined. Admitted to the selective student organization as a freshman, she was an active member throughout college, and was named CEO/president her senior year. She loved the dinners with corporate sponsors and the executive board meetings with her leadership team, but it was the sales competitions that really won her heart.

“The best learning experiences were the sales competitions,” she says. “We would do mock sales calls with a ‘client’—one year we did FedEx and UPS. The best part is that the people judging you are from major corporations. It’s great because they are getting the chance to see you live and in action.”

Published April 14, 2011