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Indiana University Bloomington

Graduate Career Services

Offer Policies

December 1st - For Full-time offers made at the end of the summer to interns, we ask you to give students until December 1st so that they may participate in full-time on-campus recruiting during the fall semester.

February 15th - For Internship offers to first year students prior to internship recruiting in January, we ask you to give students until February 15th so that they may participate in on-campus internship recruiting and explore their options.  This applies to offers received at the diversity conferences as well.

We ask that employers give students a minimum of three weeks from the date the offer is made or until the dates outlined above (whichever date is later) to make their decision.

All offers:
Communicate decisions to candidates within a reasonable time frame and refrain from exploding offers, which are not condoned by the GCS Office. Exploding offers do not give candidates an appropriate amount of time to accept or decline, putting enormous pressure on students to make a decision before they have completed the interviewing process. This behavior also exacerbates reneging on offers.  We understand that firms need to know their hiring needs prior the start of recruiting—however, we believe it is in the firm’s and students’ best interest if students are granted ample time to make informed decisions.

Rescinding an offer:
If you must rescind an offer, contact the student immediately. Also contact GCS so that we can provide job search assistance to the student. Consider offering the affected candidate financial assistance, outplacement services, or other equitable compensation.

Student reneges:
Reneging on an internship or full-time offer is a serious breach of the GCS recruiting policies and honor code. Should this occur, contact us immediately.  We take this matter very seriously and may choose to engage the Conduct Review Committee.