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Indiana University Bloomington

Graduate Career Services

The Kelley Advantage

In 2012, Financial Times ranked Kelley fourth in the world for job placement.

International Hiring Help

Whether you are a recruiter or student, the Immigration Bridge Program can help you with the international visa and hiring process. 

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  • Discover: Omar Heredia
  • Network: Ben Cober
  • Interview: Joni Lewis
  • Perform: Nicci Pannier
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Corporate Partners

Support recruitment opportunities for our students. Learn more »

Faculty Spotlight

Kyle Cattani

Kyle Cattani

associate professor of operations management

“I’m surrounded by interesting people doing interesting things. I can’t imagine that there’s a nicer place to work.”


Career management for the next generation of business leaders.

Students: Learn how to find, pursue, and excel in a career that's right for you.

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? We can help you develop the skills to get there.

Our career coaches work closely with students to help them discover how their unique skills, interests, and values affect their career choices. Then we show them how to use those interests to shape their personal story, build lasting relationships with industry and alumni connections, and interview with confidence.

Recruiters: Connect with students ready to contribute to your workplace.

Are you looking for talented, hard-working people to help meet your company’s strategic goals?

We offer a range of recruiter services to help build connections between students and employers. We will work with you to help you find students with the right background to contribute to the success of your organization.