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Corporate Venture Capital, Value Creation, and Innovation

2014, forthcoming Review of Financial Studies

Thomas Chemmanur, Elena Loutskina, Xuan Tian


We analyze how corporate venture capital (CVC) differs from independent venture capital (IVC) in nurturing innovation in entrepreneurial firms. We find that CVC-backed firms are more innovative, as measured by their patenting outcome, although they are younger, riskier, and less profitable than IVC-backed firms. Our baseline results continue to hold in a propensity-score-matching analysis of IPO firms and a difference-in-differences analysis of the universe of VC-backed entrepreneurial firms. We present evidence consistent with two possible underlying mechanisms: CVCs’ greater industry knowledge due to the technological fit between their parent firms and entrepreneurial firms and CVCs’ greater tolerance for failure.


Chemmanur, Thomas, Elena, Loutskina, and Xuan Tian, (2014), "Corporate Venture Capital, Value Creation, and Innovation," Review of Financial Studies, forthcoming. 


Innovation, Corporate Venture Capital, Value Creation, Patents, Citations