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Indiana University Bloomington

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Shuoyang Zhang

Video Transcript

Meet Shuoyang Zhang
“My name is Shuoyang Zhang. I’m a PhD student in marketing at the Kelley School of Business. I did my undergraduate at Jilin University in Changchun and my master's at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. I have been in Bloomington for over four years, and I really love it here.”

Perfect Place to Pursue a PhD
“It’s a really exciting town. It’s small but there are always things going on: music, events, lots of good restaurants. Great food plus very good music, what else can beat it, right? I really feel like this is the best place that you could find for pursing a PhD. It’s very beautiful, it has all four seasons with changes of colors and different flowers and leaves all through the year, and I really enjoy it. If you like doing outdoor sports you can also enjoy the parks, the national parks and forests.”

Primed for the Job Market
“From Kelley, I truly believe I got the best help any doctoral candidate could ever imagine on the job market. I think I’m probably the only one in the country who got a dean’s perspective, a mock interview, before the job conference. So before my job conference, I had mock interviews with every professor in the department, and I got great feedback and very specific comments from them. And I became really confident for the job interviews because I feel like I am really, really well prepared for the job market.”

Collegial Setting
“There are so many reasons that I love doing research at Kelley. And if you have to ask me to pick up one it’s going to be the collegiality. The faculty, the staff, the students, they’re all so great and we all get along very well. At Kelley’s Doctoral Student Association, actually I was the president for a year, we constantly have different sources of activities. We have happy hours, we have family nights, we have picnics, we have barbecues, and we even show lots of movies and lots of other interacting activities. I’ve been having lots of fun with my fellow students when we’re not working.”

The International Scene
“As an international student, you feel really comfortable in Bloomington because the student body and the faculty body are very international. On this campus, there are also international activities going on all the time by different student associations. For example, the Asian American Association, Chinese Student Association, Korean Student Association. So there are always things going on.”

Outstanding Support for Research
“Kelley has great research facilities. For example, we have the broadest access to all the electronic databases I know of. I could find every article electronically anytime I want. What’s best about the resources especially for researchers is that Kelley has the state-of-the-art Behavioral Technology Lab and a really comprehensive system of subject pool, which we can use for data collection. This is fantastic for behavioral researchers. Kelley has been very supportive for students to present their work at conferences. I’ve been getting travel funds every year to attend international and national conferences and present my work. For example, I’ve been to San Francisco, San Antonio, Memphis, even Singapore.”