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Indiana University Bloomington

Doctoral Programs


David Wood

Video Transcript

Meet David Wood
“My name is David Wood. I’m from north Idaho originally. Went to my undergrad and master’s at Brigham Young University, and I’m a third-year doctoral student here at Kelley.“

“Kelley’s been very supportive in a number of ways. The biggest way they’ve helped is probably by establishing such a national reputation. They’re very well respected and known for the quality of their students, and other faculty are beginning to notice that we have something special here.”

Family-Friendly Bloomington
“When I’m not studying, there are plenty of things to do in Bloomington. With a young family, we especially like all the parks, there’s plenty of family-friendly activities, there’s a science museum, and then even when we go up to Indianapolis there’s a zoo and the largest children’s museum in the world. The other thing we really like to do is go out and experience a little bit of Indiana. We’ve been through some of the limestone caves, down to the state parks, and really enjoyed being able to experience the Midwest in all of its beauty.”

Real-World Research Opportunities
“Two excellent examples of what Kelley has done for me: When I first arrived, I was assigned as a research assistant to work with Pat Hopkins and Leslie Hodder, and they had a project that they had started and received some funding and they needed a little bit of work on that so I helped work on the project and they were able to present it at a huge conference to standard setters. Ultimately, because of the work I was able to do, they let me co-author with them. It counted as a co-authored publication and it’s forthcoming in a top journal.

“The second project was with Kenny Reynolds. He understood my interest in internal auditing, and there was a large conference down at LSU [Louisiana State University]. So he decided it would be a good opportunity for me to go and was willing to fund that out of his own research budget. Because of him I was able to go down to LSU and meet some people who are very influential in internal auditing and talk to some of the big names in the area.”

Working with Faculty
“In the accounting department, it’s quite congenial. There really is a desire to work together. The faculty need us and we need them. And so it really works as a nice relationship. They treat us as sort of junior colleagues. Because of that we’re able to really work together and grow in a mentoring relationship, not just a teacher/student type relationship.”