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Journal Articles

Consumer Personality and Coping: Testing Rival Theories of Process

2005, Journal of Consumer Psychology

Adam Duhachek, Dawn Iacobucci


This research examines the effect of consumer dispositions on the relationships between stress-related appraisals, consumption emotions, and the coping process. We comparatively tested rival models of these relationships. Our data show that the consumer personality traits of consumer assertiveness and marketing maven and the general personality trait of extraversion interact with cognitive appraisals to influence consumers' choice of coping strategies. The research contributes to existing knowledge of how these consumer personality traits motivate consumer behavior, and it enriches existing models of the relationship between personality influences and coping.


Duhachek, Adam and Dawn Iacobucci (2005), "Consumer Personality and Coping: Testing Rival Theories of Process," Journal of Consumer Psychology, Vol. 15, No. 1, pp. 52-63.