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Jun Yang

Contact Information

(812) 855-3395
jy4 [at] indiana [dot] edu (E-mail)
Business School

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Faculty Web Page

  • Associate Professor of Finance
  • 3M Junior Faculty Fellow


  • Bloomington


  • Ph.D., Washington University in Saint Louis, 2005

Professional Interests

Contracting, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Executive Compensation

Selected Publications

  • Faulkender, Michael and Jun Yang (2013), "Is Disclosure an Effective Cleansing Mechanism? The Dynamics of Compensation Peer Benchmarking," Review of Financial Studies, volume 26, 806-839.

  • Baranchuk, Nina, Glenn MacDonald, and Jun Yang (2011), “The Economics of Super Managers,” Review of Financial Studies, Vol 24, pp. 3321-3368.
  • Baranchuk, Nina, Philip Dybvig, and Jun Yang (2010), “Renegotiation-Proof Contracting, Disclosure, and Incentives for Efficient Investment,” Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 145, pp. 1805-1836.

  • Faulkender, Michael and Jun Yang (2010), “Inside the Black Box: The Role and Composition of Compensation Peer Groups,” Journal of Financial Economics, Vol. 96, pp. 257-270.
  • Yang, Jun (2010), “Timing of Effort and Reward: Three-sided Moral Hazard in a Continuous-Time Model,” Management Science, Vol. 56, pp. 1568-1583.