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John M. Hassell

Contact Information

(317) 274-4805
jhassell [at] iupui [dot] edu (E-mail)
Indianapolis, Room BS 4012

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  • Professor of Accounting
  • OneAmerica Chair


  • Indianapolis


  • PhD, Indiana University
  • MBA, Indiana University
  • MS, Oklahoma State University
  • BBA, Baylor University

Professional Experience

  • Professor and Associate Professor, University of Texas at Arlington
  • Associate & Assistant Professor, Florida State University
  • Instructor, University of Utah, Baylor University

Awards, Honors & Certifications

  • Indiana CPA Society Educator of the Year (2008)
  • Kelley School of Business Service Award (2005)
  • University of Texas at Arlington College of Business Administration Distinguished Service Award (1995-1996)

Professional Interests

Accounting education, Financial accounting

Selected Publications

  • Johnson, Eric N., John R. Kuhn Jr., Barbara A. Apostolou, and John M. Hassell (2013), "Auditor Perceptions of Client Narcissism as a Fraud Attitude Risk Factor," Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory, Vol. 32, No. 1, pp. 203-219.

  • Apostolou, B., Dorminey, J. W., Hassell, J. M., & Watson, S. F. (2013), "Accounting Education Literature Review (2010-2012)," Journal of Accounting Education, Vol. 31(2): 107-161.

  • Webber, Sally A., David Sinason, Barbara Apostolou, and John M. Hassell (2006), "An investigation of auditor assessment of fraud risk," Journal of Forensic Accounting, Vol. VII, No. 2, pp. 411-438.

  • Baginski, Stephen P., John M. Hassell, and Michael D. Kimbrough (2004), "Why do managers explain their management forecasts?," Journal of Accounting Research, Vol. 42, March, pp. 1-29. 

  • Baginski, Stephen P., John M. Hassell, and Michael D. Kimbrough (2002), "The effect of legal environment on preemptive disclosure: evidence from earnings management forecasts issued in U.S. and Canadian markets," The Accounting Review, Vol. 77, January, pp. 25-50.
  • Apostolou, Barbara, John M. Hassell, Sally A. Webber, and Glenn E. Sumners (2001), "The relative importance of SAS No. 82 management fraud risk factors," Behavioral Research in Accounting, Vol. 13, pp. 1-24.

  • Baginski, Stephen P. and John M. Hassell (1997), "The determinants of management forecast precision," The Accounting Review, Vol. 72, April, pp. 303-312.

  • Baginski, Stephen P., John M. Hassell, and Donald Pagach (1995), "Further evidence on nontrading period information release," Contemporary Accounting Research, Vol. 12, Fall, pp. 207-221.

  • Baginski, Stephen P., John M. Hassell, and Gregory Waymire (1994), "Some evidence on the news content in preliminary earnings estimates," The Accounting Review, Vol. 69, January, pp. 265-271.

  • Baginski, Stephen P., Ed Conrad, and John M. Hassell (1993), "The effects of management forecast precision on equity pricing and on the assessment of earnings uncertainty," The Accounting Review, Vol. 68, October, pp. 913-927.