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Indiana University Bloomington

Doctoral Programs

1960 Notable

From 1960-2013, we prepared nearly 1,200 men and women
for rewarding academic careers — that’s more than any other university.

Faculty & Research


As a doctoral student, the interactions you’ll have with faculty members set the tone for the rest of your career. Our Kelley faculty are committed to your success, and strive to create a collaborative, creative, welcoming atmosphere for all our graduate students. The faculty members’ open-door policy is both literal and figurative—you’ll see professors chatting in the hallways with their colleagues and meeting with doctoral students everywhere you go. In our eyes, you are junior faculty members who have important research projects and papers to present.

Not only are our faculty members a friendly, supportive group, they are renowned scholars in their own right. Here are just a few statistics:

  • IU is ranked 4th among public universities and 18th in the nation for having the most frequently downloaded research publications, according to a recent Social Science Research Network (SSRN) study
  • Kelley faculty have served on more than 30 corporate boards
  • Kelley faculty have published more than 2,000 articles in more than 300 leading business journals and 200 books
  • Kelley faculty have won more than 150 research awards and 300 teaching awards
  • Kelley faculty are ranked 7th in the nation on faculty scholarship productivity by The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Read more about our stellar faculty members:

Faculty Member Contact Professional Interests
Franklin Acito Professor acito [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-1013
Godfrey Center,
Room 3070P
Strategies for analyzing structural models, alignment of marketing and sales strategies, sampling characteristics and the use of marketing research by managers
Herman Aguinis Professor haguinis [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-0780
Business School,
Room 630C
Organizational Behavior; Human Resource Management; Research Methods and Analysis; and Human Capital Acquisition, Development, and Deployment (e.g., Corporate Responsibility, Domestic and International Diversity, Staffing, Training and Development, Performance Management)
Frank Akaiwa Senior Lecturer fakaiwa [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2677
Business School,
Room 329C
Business Process Management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Applications, XML Tools and Techniques, Database Management and Spreadsheet Analysis Tools and Techniques, Emerging Technologies
Kyle Anderson Clinical Assistant Professor kyjander [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-0150
Room BS 4017
E-Commerce, Industrial organization, Online pricing
Jonlee Andrews Clinical Professor jonandre [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3425
Godfrey Center,
Room 2010
Brand Management, Retail Management, CPG Marketing, Managerial Decision Making, and Creativity.
Salman Arif Assistant Professor arifs [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-1592
Business School,
Room 578
Capital markets, Financial Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis, Behavioral Finance
Goker Aydin Associate Professor ayding [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-5921
Business School,
Room 560E
Supply Chain Management; Revenue Management; Retail Operations; Interactions among Pricing, Product Variety and Operations Decisions
Brenda Bailey-Hughes Senior Lecturer bbaileyh [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2187
1319 E Tenth,
Room 106
Intercultural Communication
Hillol Bala Assistant Professor hbala [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2607
Business School,
Room 560B
IT-enabled business process change and management, IT use and impacts, Strategic use of IT in health care, Enterprise systems implementation
Timothy Baldwin Professor baldwint [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2770
Business School,
Room 640G
Organizational Change, Leadership Education and Development, Managerial Skill Assessment
Karen Banks Senior Lecturer ksbanks [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-4254
Business School,
Room 338
Decision Sciences, spreadsheet errors, online learning, classroom teaching and learning, relational databases
Clark Barwick Lecturer mbarwick [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-8396
1319 E Tenth,
Room 005
Communication, Professional, & Computer Skills
Ann Bastianelli Senior Lecturer abastian [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-1288
Business School,
Room 426C
Advertising & Branding Strategy, Consumer Insights, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Communications Management, Maximizing Personal Performance
Michael Baye Professor mbaye [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2779
Business School,
Room 452
Industrial Organization, Microeconomics, Game Theory, E-Commerce, Antitrust
Messod Beneish Professor dbeneish [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2628
Business School,
Room 530F
Detecting Financial Statement Fraud, Managers' Trading Incentives, Mergers and Acquisitions, Financial Distress
Azi Ben-Rephael Assistant Professor abenreph [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-4068
Business School,
Room 370A
Empirical Asset Pricing, Liquidity, Institutional Investors
Utpal Bhattacharya Associate Professor ubhattac [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3413
Business School,
Room 368
Dark Side of Financial Markets
Matt Billett Professor mbillett [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3366
Business School,
Room BU468
Martin Birr Lecturer mbirr [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-0873
Room BS 4011
J. Doug Blocher Associate Professor dblocher [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2667
Business School,
Room 570A
Customer Order Scheduling, Changeover Scheduling, Supply Chain Management, Lead Time/Cycle Time Reduction
Victor Bongard Lecturer vbongard [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-9308
Business School,
Room 434
Business Law and Ethics
Catherine Bonser-Neal Associate Professor cneal [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-3448
Room BS 4054
Exchange rate behavior, Financial market impact of Federal Reserve policies, Global financial markets, International economics and finance
Thomas Bowers Associate Professor bowers [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-9308
Business School,
Room 233G
Corporate Finance Law, Business Ethics, Sports and Entertainment Law, Intellectual Property Law
Kurt Bretthauer Professor kbrettha [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3487
Business School,
Room 670A
Service Operations Management, Healthcare Services, Supply Chain Management
Carl Briggs Clinical Associate Professor briggsc [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3489
Business School,
Room 678
Enterprise Project Management, Analytical Techniques for Supply Chain Procurement, Simulation Modeling Tools and Techniques, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, including distance/online learning
David Brimm Lecturer dbrimm [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3637
1319 E Tenth,
Room 203
Legal Communication
Darrell Brown Clinical Associate Professor daebrown [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-0390
Room BS 4034
Management of Diversity, Organizational Behavior, Organizational Development
Jason Brown Assistant Professor browjaso [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2381
Business School,
Room 540E
Managerial Incentives, Managerial Control, Performance Evaluation, Experimental Economics
Laura Buchholz Senior Lecturer lbuchhol [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-5533
Business School,
Room 428G
Creativity, Design, Synthetic Thinking, Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Social Responsibility in Business
Raymond Burke Professor rayburke [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-1066
Business School,
Room 328L
Marketing Research, Retailing, Shopper Behavior, Data Mining
Joyce Byrer Senior Lecturer jbyrer [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-9984
Business School,
Room 676
The Computer in Business, Management Information Systems, Systems Analysis and Design, Systems Implementation, Accounting Information Systems
John Cady Clinical Professor jfcady [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-0325
Business School,
Room 3070
Social Media Marketing, Virtual Worlds applications to Marketing, Marketing Strategy
Kerem Cakirer Lecturer kcakirer [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2781
Business School,
Room 436
Industrial Organization, Microeconomics, Game Theory and Strategy, Applied Microeconomics
Terry Campbell Clinical Professor terrcamp [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-5612
Business School,
Room 428A
Decision making under uncertainty with Conflicting Goals and Scarce Resources, Global Governance, Managing/Using Technology, and Financial Reporting in its Broadest Sense
Richard Canada Senior Lecturer rcanada [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-1061
Business School,
Room 426C
Sales Management, Professional Selling
Kenneth Carow Professor kcarow [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-2783
Room BS 3024F
Banking, Debt Design, Financial Institutions, Insurance
Lecturer dc25 [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail

Business School,
Room 336
Operation & Decision Technologies
Kyle Cattani Associate Professor kcattani [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2665
Business School,
Room 670D
Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Managing Operations in the Presence of Uncertainty, Managing Product End of Life, Mass Customization
Sandeep Chandukala Assistant Professor sarchand [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-7795
Business School,
Room 328C
Bayesian applications in marketing, Discrete choice models, Quantitative models of advertising and consumer memory
Hai Che Associate Professor haiche [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-4396
Business School,
Room 328E
Empirical Choice Models, Empirical Industrial Organization, Competitive Pricing and Product Line Strategies, Behavioral Economics
Paige Clark Lecturer paiclark [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-4121
1319 E Tenth,
Room 205
Business Communication
Philip Cochran Professor plcochra [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 278-2481
Room BS 3024
Business Ethics, Corporate Citizenship, Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Leadership
Carlos Colón Lecturer ccolon [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2682
Business School,
Room 342
Communication Technologies, Information Technologies, Information Systems, Human Computer Interaction, Performance Technologies, Media Production, Instructional Media, E-learning
Chris Cook Lecturer cookchs [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-5723
Business School,
Room 340
Financial and operational process improvement, customer and product profitability, lifetime customer value, activity based costing and budgeting
Paul Coulis Lecturer pcoulis [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-5451
Business School,
Room 650H
International Business, Student Mentoring, Leadership
Jeffrey Covin Professor covin [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2715
Business School,
Room 660D
Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship
Anthony Cox Professor acox [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-3831
Room BS 4055
How consumers evaluate the risks of using (and not using) medical products, How message framing influences health-related behaviors, How measuring consumers' intentions and attitudes influences their subsequent behavior
Dena Cox Professor dcox [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-3526
Room BS 4057
Consumer buying behavior, Interventions to increase healthy behavior, Marketing of medical products and services, Marketing research
Byron Craig Lecturer bycraig [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-0353
1319 E Tenth,
Room 207
Communication, Professional, & Computer Skills
Michael Crawley Assistant Professor mijcrawl [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-0951
Business School,
Room BU540D
Financial Accounting and Reporting, Capital Markets, Macroeconomic Consequences of Accounting
Rex Cutshall Senior Lecturer rcutshal [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-0112
Business School,
Room 670G
Management science applications to OM education, Quality Management, Educational theory of OM education, Operations Management, Strategic Sourcing
Peggy Daniels Lee Clinical Assistant Professor pedalee [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-8745
Room BS 4045
Keith Dayton Senior Lecturer kedayton [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2757
Business School,
Room 329D
Organizational Behavior
Babur De Los Santos Assistant Professor babur [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3345
Business School,
Room 442
Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics, and Labor Economics
Johannes Denekamp Senior Lecturer jdenekam [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2732
Business School,
Room 640E
Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship
Alan Dennis Professor ardennis [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2691
Business School,
Room 560C
Collaboration Technologies, Knowledge Management, Data Communications, The Internet
Diana Dingman Lecturer ddingman [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2521
Business School,
Room 328W
Marketing, Retailing, Consultative Sales, Sales Management, Sales Ethics, Sales Talent Hiring Assessments, Interpersonal Communication Skills, Sales Negotiation, Sales Competitions.
Scott Dobos Senior Lecturer scdobos [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-5730
Business School,
Room 570G
Supply Chain Management, Lean Manufacturing, Strategic Sourcing, Operations Management, Enterprise Systems
Marc Dollinger Professor dollinge [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-5063
Business School,
Room 640B
Mega-Event Entrepreneurship, Chinese Management Practices, Cooperative Strategies in Fragmentented Industries
Kimberly Donahue Senior Lecturer kdonahue [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-4760
Room BS 4043
Sports Marketing
Adam Duhachek Associate Professor aduhache [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-1099
Business School,
Room 328N
Marketing Research, Marketing Management, Advertising, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Strategy, Coping and Cognitive Appraisals and Emotions, Psychometric Issues
Linda Dunn-Jensen Clinical Assistant Professor ldunnjen [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-1953
Business School,
Room 630E
Work-family conflict, Work and nonwork issues, Negotiation
Associate Professor anellul [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2768
Business School,
Room 350
Corporate Finance, Institutional Investors, Ownership Structures and Governance, Family Firms, Market Microstructure
Mark Evans Assistant Professor evansme [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-5952
Business School,
Room 550E
Capital Markets, Corporate Disclosure & Governance, Auditing
Alexander Fedorikhin Associate Professor sfedorik [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 278-8418
Room BS 4040
Interplay of emotional and cognitive factors in consumer decision making
Greg Fisher Assistant Professor fisherg [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2763
Business School,
Room 660E
Entrepreneurship, Corporate Entrepreneurship, International Management and Turnaround Management
Joseph Fisher Professor jofisher [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3705
Business School,
Room 530B
Managerial (strategic) Control Systems, Budgeting Systems, Costing Systems, Target Costing, Financial and Non-Financial Control Systems, Activity-based Costing
Kathy Fletcher Senior Lecturer katfletc [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2423
1319 E Tenth,
Room 105
Performance aspects of public speaking.
Barbara Flynn Professor bbflynn [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 278-8586
Room BS 4010
Innovation Management, Just-in-time Manufacturing, Operations Strategy, Quality Management, World Class Manufacturing
E. Flynn Clinical Professor ejflynn [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 278-3681
Room BS 4049
Creating and sustaining firm resource bases, Ethics, Leadership
Lecturer fordjus [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-1095
1319 E Tenth
Communication, Professional, & Computer Skills
Tim Fort Professor timfort [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-9308
Business School,
Room 233D
Ethical Decision Making, Building Ethical Corporate Culture, The Impact of Religion on Sustainable Peace, The Intersection of Religion and Business
Mark Frohlich Associate Professor mfrohlic [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 278-9247
Room BS 4042
E-business, Operations Strategy, Supply chain strategies
P. Garcia Clinical Professor prgarcia [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2744
Business School,
Room 650B
The Environments of International Business, Management of Multinational Firms, Global Leadership, International Competitive Strategies, Cross-Cultural Management, The Global Auto Industry, Managing in Emerging Economies, International Business Teaching Effectiveness
Tony Gerth Clinical Associate Professor tgerth [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-9978
Business School,
Room 674
IS leadership and the role of the CIO, IT organizational effectiveness, IT investment benefits realization, management consulting
Kathrine Glass Senior Lecturer kglass [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-7677
Business School,
Room 428K
Financial Accounting, Accounting Education
Jeffrey Goddin Senior Lecturer jgoddin [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-7263
1319 E Tenth,
Room 202
Communication, Professional, & Computer Skills
Carolyn Goerner Clinical Professor goerner [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-9638
Business School,
Room 141
Organizational Behavior, Organizational Design, Diversity
Eitan Goldman Associate Professor eigoldma [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-0749
Business School,
Room 370B
James Grandorf Clinical Professor jgrandor [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2868
Business School,
Room 530A
Managerial Accounting, Best Accounting Practices, Procurement Card Systems Design and Management
David Greene Clinical Professor dagreene [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3513
Godfrey Center,
Room 2000K
Mergers and Acquisitions, Financial Accounting for Income Taxes, Experiential Learning
Daniel Greiner Clinical Associate Professor dgreiner [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-0887
Business School,
Room 466
Robert Grimm Clinical Associate Professor rlgrimm [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-2397
Room BS 4013
Executive/MBA Coaching, Human Resource Development, Human Resource Management, Organizational Development, Performance Management, Talent Management
Nandini Gupta Associate Professor nagupta [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3416
Business School,
Room 362
Corporate Finance, Financial Market Development, Privatization, Political Economy of Finance, Corporate Governance.
David Haeberle Clinical Associate Professor dhaeberl [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-5508
Business School,
Room 464
Investment banking, private equity, venture capital, and small business entrepreneurship
Rick Harbaugh Associate Professor riharbau [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2777
Business School,
Room 450
Game Theory, Strategic Communication, Managerial Economics, Chinese Economy
John Hassell Professor jhassell [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-4805
Room BS 4012
Accounting education, Financial accounting
Andreas Hauskrecht Clinical Associate Professor ahauskre [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2784
Business School,
Room 444
International Economics and Finance, Money, and Banking
Stephen Hayford Professor shayford [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-9308
Business School,
Room 233A
Dispute Resolution, Business Ethics
Gerry Hays Senior Lecturer gahays [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-6880
Business School,
Room 330
Julie Head Senior Lecturer jhead [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-6543
Business School,
Room 428H
Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, and Entrepreneurship
Jeanette Heidewald Senior Lecturer heidewal [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-0662
1319 E Tenth,
Room 208
Business Writing Editing Business Presentations Leadership Development Effective use of PowerPoint as visual argument and Slideument Curriculum Development
Jonathan Helm Assistant Professor helmj [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3486
Business School,
Room 570F
Healthcare Operations Management; Patient Flow and Healthcare Resource Management; Service Operations Management; Medical Decision Making
April Heltsley Senior Lecturer heltsley [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-0930
Business School,
Room 333
Information Technology, Information Systems, Systems Administration, Database Design and Theory, Spreadsheet Design, Service-Learning in Business.
Kelly Herd Assistant Professor kherd [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-1009
Business School,
Room 328P
Social Cognition, Identity, Gift Giving, Product Design
Randall Heron Professor rheron [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-4984
Room BS 4050
Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Mergers and acquisitions
Max Hewitt Assistant Professor hewittmr [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2612
Business School,
Room 530E
Financial Accounting, Investor and Analyst Decision-Making Processes
John Hill Clinical Assistant Professor hilljoh [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2729
Business School,
Room 672
ODT Supply Chain and Operations, Operation & Decision Technologies, ODT Supply Chain and Operations, Operation & Decision Technologies
Janet Hillier Clinical Assistant Professor jhillier [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-7118
Business School,
Room 640F
Organizational Design, Organizational Change, Strategic Management
Peggy Hite Professor hitep [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2649
Business School,
Room 540B
Taxpayer Compliance, Tax Education, Preparer-Client Relationship, Progressivity
Leslie Hodder Associate Professor lhodder [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-9951
Business School,
Room 550B
Risk Measurement and Disclosure, Measurement Issues in Accounting, Options and other Financial Instruments, Organizational Form, Financial Institutions
Craig Holden Professor cholden [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3383
Business School,
Room 356C
Market Microstructure, International Finance
Patrick Hopkins Professor peh [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2617
Business School,
Room 530D
Professional Judgment, Decision Making, Human Information Processing, Financial Accounting, Effects of Accounting and Auditing, Capital Market, Financial Statement Analysis
Shanshan Hu Assistant Professor hush [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-2342
Business School,
Room 570D
General Interests: Capacity Management, Procurement, Energy Markets -Strategic Procurement and Investment in Capacity -Revenue Management with Limited Inventory -Procurement Auctions and Mechanisms Design -Stochastic Control and Financial Engineering, Applications in Energy Industry
Mark Ippolito Senior Lecturer mippolit [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-7145
Room BS 4015
Ryan Israelsen Assistant Professor risraels [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-8435
Business School,
Room 366
Empirical Asset Pricing, Risk and Information, Investments, Real Estate Finance
F. Jacobs Professor jacobs [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2676
Business School,
Room 670E
Supply Chain Design, Supply Chain Planning and Control, Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
Robert Jamison Professor rjamison [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-4936
Room BS 4001
Taxation of closely held businesses, principally S Corporations and their shareholders. Also taxation of Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies and C Corporations, as well as the owners thereof, Limited Liability Corporations
Robert Jennings Professor jennings [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2696
Business School,
Room 484
Kari Johnson Senior Lecturer karkajoh [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-5290
Business School,
Room 336
The Computer in Business, Technology in Business
Steven Jones Associate Professor sljones [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 278-7771
Room BS 4058
Asset Valuation, Corporate Finance, Financial Markets, Investment Management
Sreenivas Kamma Associate Professor kamma [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3384
Business School,
Room 370C
Myron Kanning Senior Lecturer mgkannin [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2745
Business School,
Room 231
How Corporate Culture Impacts Business Results, Organizational Dynamics, Assessments That Predict Future Results
Teresa Kase Professor tkase [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-8924
Godfrey Center,
Room 3010
J. Keller Lecturer jkeller [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-4855
Room BS 4009
Idalene Kesner Professor ikesner [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-8489
Godfrey Center,
Room 3002
Corporate Board of Directors, Chief Executive Succession, Corporate Governance, Mergers & Acquisitions
Vijay Khatri Associate Professor vkhatri [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2581
Business School,
Room 560F
Data lifecycle management, Data visualization, Predictive analytics, Semiotics and database design, Cognitive aspects of data management, Data governance
Amy Kinser Senior Lecturer kinser [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-1189
Business School,
Room 329A
Business Administration, Technology in Business, Computers in Business, Decision Sciences, Optimization, Computer Simulation, Electronic Commerce, Technology Management, Intellectual Property, Privacy
J. Eric Kinser Senior Lecturer jkinser [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-2670
Business School,
Room 682
Visual Basic for Applications, Business Analytics
Greg Kitzmiller Senior Lecturer gkitzmil [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-1004
Business School,
Room 328X
Brand Management, CPG Marketing, Global Marketing Strategy Marketing Strategy in Emerging Markets, Teaching and Learning processes
Tatiana Kolovou Senior Lecturer tatianak [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-1447
1319 E Tenth,
Room 106
Cross Cultural Communication, Business Presentations, Strategic Communication, Customer Service in Higher Education.
Steven Kreft Clinical Associate Professor skreft [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-4965
Business School,
Room 458
Public Economics, Sustainability, Corporate Social Strategy, Non-Market Risks, Entrepreneurship
H. Krishnan Professor skrishna [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-1210
Business School,
Room 328Q
• Implicit Memory for Information • Memory Interference Processes • Role of Memory in Brand Equity, Brand Associations, and Brand Extensions • Interactions between Memory and Attitudes, Confidence, and Intentions
William Kulsrud Associate Professor wkulsrud [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-3422
Room BS 4002
C Corporations, Estate Planning, Federal Income Taxation of Individuals, Income Taxation of Estates and Trusts, Partnerships and LLCs, S Corporations, Tax Planning, Tax Research
Donald Kuratko Professor dkuratko [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-4248
Godfrey Center,
Room 2050
Entrepreneurship, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Corporate Innovation, Entrepreneurial Leadership
Ashok Lalwani Associate Professor lalwani [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-1160
Business School,
Room 428J
The Role of Cultural Values in Consumer Behavior, Behavioral Aspects of Pricing
Arlen Langvardt Professor langvard [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-9308
Business School,
Room 233B
Intellectual Property, First Amendment, Ethics and Critical Thinking, Health Care Law and Policy
Glen Larsen Professor glarsen [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-3794
Room BS 4048
Asset Allocation, Enhanced Indexing, Firm Valuation, Portfolio Performance Measurement
Tim Lemper Clinical Professor tlemper [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-9308
Business School,
Room 233E
Trademark and Other Intellectual Property Law
Dan Li Associate Professor lid [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-0322
Business School,
Room 650C
Management of Multinational Enterprises, International Strategic Alliances, Internationalization Process
Shibo Li Associate Professor shili [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-9015
Business School,
Room 328D
Consumer Dynamics, Analytical Customer Relationship Management, Internet and Interactive Marketing, Analytical and Empirical Analysis of Signaling Models
Haizhen Lin Assistant Professor hzlin [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3535
Business School,
Room 440
Industrial Organization, Health Economics, Law and Economics, Applied Econometrics
Mark Long Senior Lecturer mslong [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3523
Business School,
Room 640E
Methods of educating science and technology entrepreneurs across the world
Alex Lopes Clinical Associate Professor alopes [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-3357
Business School,
Room 680
Online information goods; Collaboration technologies; Face-to-face and online social networks; IS educational initiatives.
Daisy Lovelace Lecturer dalovela [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-0397
Business School
Communication, Professional, & Computer Skills
Dmitry Lubensky Assistant Professor dlubensk [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-5851
Business School,
Room 460
Applied Microeconomic Theory, Industrial Organization
Rhonda Lummus Clinical Professor rlummus [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2669
Business School,
Room 670C
Supply chain planning, demand planning, implications of information systems technology on supply chain management, and supply chain flexibility
Marjorie Lyles Professor mlyles [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-2558
Room BS 4035
International Business and China, International Strategic Management, Management of joint ventures and strategic alliances, Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management, Technology Management
Andrew Lynch Clinical Professor ajlynch [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-2816
Room BS 4051
Scott MacKenzie Professor mackenz [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-1101
Business School,
Room 328J
Research Methodology, Advertising Effectiveness, Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Leadership
Elham Mafi-Kreft Clinical Assistant Professor emafikre [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2775
Business School,
Room 446
International Financial Institutions, Monetary Policy, European Monetary Union
Richard Magjuka Associate Professor rmagjuka [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-2521
Room ULB 777
Laureen Maines Professor lmaines [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-8796
Godfrey Center,
Room 3003
Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Behavioral Decision Theory
David Major Assistant Professor dlmajor [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-1411
Business School,
Room 630F
Competitive Strategy – Competitive dynamics; resources and rivalry, International Business – Venture capital globalization; international entrepreneurship
Elizabeth Malatestinic Senior Lecturer emalates [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 278-2601
Room BS 4018
Human Resource Management
Girish Mallapragada Assistant Professor gmallapr [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-1970
Business School,
Room 328M
Open Innovation, Social Networks, Marketing Strategy, Technology Management
Jane Mallor Professor mallor [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-9308
Business School,
Room 233J
Internet law, Contract law, Punitive damages
Julie Manning Magid Associate Professor jmagid [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-2275
Room BS 4047
Corporate governance and board leadership, Microfinance and the developed world, Workplace gender issues, Privacy and ethics, Trademark and marketing law
Gregory Martin Assistant Professor gmartin2 [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-5695
Room BS 4008
Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Earnings management, Financial accounting, Financial analyst behavior
Patrick Martin Assistant Professor martinpr [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-6981
Business School,
Room 540F
Anne Massey Professor amassey [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-8189
Business School,
Room 742
Technology-based innovation, social media and virtual worlds, computer-supported collaborative work, usability, e-health
Clinical Associate Professor djmasson [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3412
Business School,
Room 428D
Cash/Treasury Management, Working Capital Management, Global Trade and Finance
John Maxwell Professor jwmax [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-9219
Business School,
Room 454
Corporate Environmentalism and Public Policy, Non-market Strategy, Risk Management, Environmental Economics
James Mayer Assistant Professor jammayer [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-3941
Room BS 4053
Advertising efficacy, Consumer behavior, Humorous consumer communication, Integrated marketing communications
Martin McCrory Associate Professor mmccrory [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-9308
Business School,
Room 233D
Environmental Law, Commercial Law
Patricia McDougall-Covin Professor mcdougal [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-7873
Business School,
Room 630G
Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, International Business
Jeffery McMullen Associate Professor mcmullej [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2718
Business School,
Room 650F
Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship
Jeff McMullin Assistant Professor jemcmull [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-7207
Business School,
Room 572
Katie Metz Lecturer kmetz [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-6590
1319 E Tenth,
Room 206
Communication, Professional, & Computer Skills
John Meunier Lecturer jmeunier [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-5130
1319 E Tenth,
Room 208
Professional writing, persuasion, effective arguments, ethics.
Brian Miller Assistant Professor bpm [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2606
Business School,
Room 580
Capital Markets, Financial Disclosure, Managerial Reputation, Corporate Governance
Toyah Miller Assistant Professor milleto2 [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-0400
Business School,
Room 660B
Governance, Social Entrepreneurship, Innovation, International Diversification, Strategic Management, International Strategy
Alex Mills Assistant Professor millsaf [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3484
Business School,
Room 560D
Healthcare Operations Management, Service Systems, Stochastic Models, Simulation
Senior Lecturer smonaco [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3412
Business School,
Room 340
Market microstructure, in particular the effect of market design on liquidity, volatility, and price informativeness
Juliane Mora Lecturer jmmora [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-4063
1319 E Tenth,
Room 202
Communication, Professional, & Computer Skills
Neil Morgan Professor namorgan [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-1114
Business School,
Room 328H
Brant Moriarity Lecturer bmoriari [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2682
Business School,
Room 342
Information Architecture, Web Development, Spreadsheet Modeling, Database Design, Data Management, Strategic IT implementation, Change Management, Mobile Technology in Business
Michael Morrone Senior Lecturer mmorrone [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-0668
1319 E Tenth,
Room 202
Communication strategy, cross-cultural communication, human rights, persuasion, teamwork, teaching excellence, teaching with technology
James Motter Clinical Assistant Professor jmotter [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-5694
Room BS 4033
Robert Neal Associate Professor skyking [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-3348
Room BS 4052
Consumer credit, Derivatives, Federal monetary issues, Mutual funds and investor behavior, SEC regulatory issues
Janet Near Professor near [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3368
Business School,
Room 660F
Effects of work life on non-work life; Causes and effects of whistle-blowing in organizations
Darryl Neher Senior Lecturer drneher [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-5161
1319 E Tenth,
Room 202
Race and Gender in Communication, Leadership, Effective Teaching Methods
Melissa Nemeth Senior Lecturer mnemeth [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-9836
Room BS 4029
Dawn New Lecturer denew [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-5336
1319 E Tenth,
Room Room 207
Association of Business Communicators: Member and conference presenter National Communication Association: Member and conference presenter
Jay Newquist Senior Lecturer jnewquis [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-9984
Business School,
Room 676
SOA/BPM, RFID, Open Source
Senior Lecturer mjoakes [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-9125
Business School,
Room 330
Sandra Owen Senior Lecturer showen [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-1355
Business School,
Room 428E
Taxation, Forensic Accounting, Business Law, and Ethics
Paul Palmer Jr. II Lecturer ppalmerj [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-1276
Business School,
Room 428G
Multi-cultural and Targeted Marketing (specializing in kids, tweens and college students) , Effective use of Advertising and non-traditional media, New Business Development (including New Products Innovation and Alternative Sales Channels), Business Case for Diversity, Licensing & Strategic Partnerships
Robert Parry Professor parry [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2629
Business School,
Room 530G
Financial Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis, Earnings Management
Evelyn Patterson Associate Professor evpatter [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 278-7843
Room BS 4028
Audit sampling, Economics of auditing, Financial accounting, Game theory, Strategic auditing and auditing for fraud
Richard Patterson Lecturer ripatter [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-7591
Business School,
Room 339
Thomas Peck Lecturer tkpeck [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-4014
Business School,
Room 339
Real Estate, Investing
Alfonso Pedraza-Martinez Assistant Professor alpedraz [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-6227
Business School,
Room 570B
Humanitarian Operations and Crisis Management, Sustainability, Operations Management in Emerging Markets, Global Supply Chains
Peter Perreault Senior Lecturer perreaul [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-1094
Business School,
Room 426F-B
Marketing Decision Making
Aaron Perry Senior Lecturer abperry [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-0676
Business School,
Room 332
Sports Information Systems, Data Mining, Predictive Modeling, Health and Clinical Informatics
Joshua Perry Assistant Professor joshperr [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-9308
Business School,
Room 233F
Legal, ethical, and policy issues in healthcare, the life sciences, and the business of medicine. Moral decision making and critical thinking.
Tod Perry Associate Professor rtperry [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 278-7844
Room BS 4046
Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Sports economics
Melinda Phillabaum Senior Lecturer mphillab [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 278-7329
Room BS 4007
Joshua Plaskoff Lecturer jplaskof [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-3492
Room BS 4036
Action and inquiry-based learning, Communities of practice, Critical HR and HRD processes, Emancipatory and transformative leadership development, Organizational culture transformation, Organizational existentialism, Socio-cultural psychology of organizational learning
Randle Pollard Assistant Professor rpollard [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-2709
Room BS 4003
Federal tax policy, municipal finance, state and local taxation, economic incentives
Veronika Pool Associate Professor vkpool [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-9714
Business School,
Room 348
Christopher Porter Associate Professor colhp [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-2752
Room BS 4039
Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Organizational Entry, Team composition and dynamics, Training and Development
Philip Powell Clinical Associate Professor phpowell [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3350
Godfrey Center,
Room 2022
Economic and Institutional Development in Pacific Island States; Business Strategy in Health Care and Life Sciences
Bipin Prabhakar Clinical Associate Professor bkprabha [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-5622
Godfrey Center,
Room 2000P
Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP), Information Systems Risk and Security
James Pratt Professor jpratt [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2657
Business School,
Room 530C
Financial Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis
Jamie Prenkert Professor japrenke [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-9308
Business School,
Room 233C
Employment Discrimination (race, sex, disabilities), Workplace Harassment, Retaliation Issues
Jeff Prince Associate Professor jeffprin [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-2692
Business School,
Room 456
Industrial Organization, Applied Econometrics, Strategy, Regulation
Eric Rasmusen Professor erasmuse [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3356
Business School,
Room 438
Law and Economics, Social Regulation, Crime, Asymmetric Information
Michael Rauh Associate Professor mtrauh [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2782
Business School,
Room 446A
Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, and Game Theory
Anjanette Raymond Assistant Professor angraymo [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-9308
Business School,
Room 233H
International and Domestic Contracts, International Commercial Law, International Commercial Comparative Law, International and Domestic Secured Transactions, Cloud Computing, Open Source Licensing, Internet Law, and International and Domestic Commercial Arbitration
Thomas Rearick Senior Lecturer trearick [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-0664
Business School,
Room 339
Financial Statement Analysis, Valuation, Investment Returns
Lopo Rego Associate Professor lrego [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-1202
Business School,
Room 426A
Marketing-Finance Interface, Strategic Marketing, Shareholder Value Creation, Strategic Brand Management, Customer Satisfaction, Brand Equity, Empirical Generalizations.
Sonja Rego Associate Professor sorego [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-6356
Business School,
Room 550C
Taxes and Business Strategy; Tax Avoidance; Accounting for Income Taxes; Earnings Management; Corporate Finance; Ownership Structure; Private Equity
Eric Richards Professor richarde [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-9308
Business School,
Room 233K
International Trade Law
Chris Robbins Lecturer chrrobbi [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-0734
Business School,
Room 682
Business Intelligence (BI) & Risk Threat Analysis
W. Roberson Senior Lecturer wtrobers [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 278-6149
Room BS 4005
Social & Commercial Entrepreneurship, Enrollment Management, International Finance, Business Development, Community Engagement, Public Speaking, Business Advocacy
Fred Roedl Clinical Associate Professor froedl [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-1420
Business School,
Room 426B
Business-to-Business Marketing with a particular emphasis on distribution channel management/design and pricing strategies
Joel Rubin Clinical Associate Professor jorubin [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-9308
Business School,
Room 254B
Business Ethics, Bankruptcy Law, Businesses in Financial Distress
David Rubinstein Clinical Associate Professor drubinst [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-5945
Business School,
Room 640A
Strategy Implementation, Unlearning, Ignorance as an Asset, Organization Change
Katherine Ryan Senior Lecturer kcryan [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2016
1319 E Tenth,
Room 007
Leadership coaching & development; Mentoring & career attainment; Discourse analysis, diversity & power in organizations
M. Saxton Clinical Associate Professor mksaxton [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-0167
Room BS 4041
Branding and Corporate Reputation, Competitive Intelligence Systems, Market Segmentation, Marketing Strategy
Todd Saxton Associate Professor tsaxton [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-3349
Room BS 4037
Venture strategy, launch and growth; Entrepreneurial ecosystems; Competitive and corporate strategy; Corporate image and reputation; Factors affecting alliance and acquisition success
Fred Schlegel Lecturer fredschl [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail

Business School,
Room BU650
Management and Entrepreneurship
Richard Schrimper Senior Lecturer schrimpe [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-1355
Business School,
Room 428E
Joe Schroeder Assistant Professor jhschroe [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-7854
Business School,
Room 574
Auditing, Implications of Auditing/Financial Accounting Standards, Financial Disclosures, Corporate Governance, Tax
Benjamin Schultz Senior Lecturer schultzb [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-5665
Business School,
Room 428M
Communication, Professional, & Computer Skills, Marketing, Sustainable Business Models, Local Business Models, Service-Learning
Matthew Semadeni Associate Professor semadeni [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2580
Business School,
Room 650E
Competitive Strategy, Corporate Strategy, Knowledge, Top Management Teams
Gipsi Sera Senior Lecturer serag [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-0675
Business School,
Room 329B
Communication, Professional, & Computer Skills
Paul Serex Senior Lecturer pserex [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-0676
Business School,
Room 332
Business Modeling, including Turnaround Management, New Venture Analysis, Project Management and Analytical Modeling, Decision Science, Operations Management, Process Modeling
Merih Sevilir Associate Professor msevilir [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2698
Business School,
Room BU 472
Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Governance, Venture Capital, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Scott Shackelford Assistant Professor sjshacke [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-9308
Business School,
Room 254C
Cyber security and privacy, international law and relations, property, and environmental law
Marcy Shepardson Assistant Professor shepardm [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-7768
Business School,
Room BU550D
Auditing, financial reporting, corporate governance, auditing and financial reporting standards
Dean Shepherd Professor shepherd [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-5220
Business School,
Room 650G
Entrepreneurial Opportunity, Stakeholder Support for Entrepreneurial Firms, Entrepreneurial Strategies, Failure of Entrepreneurial Businesses
Richard Shockley Associate Professor rishockl [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3407
Business School,
Room 364
Rebecca Slotegraaf Associate Professor rslotegr [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-1014
Business School,
Room 328G
Marketing Strategy, Marketing Capabilities, New Product Development, Brand Management
Scott Smart Clinical Professor ssmart [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3401
Godfrey Center,
Room 2010
IPOs, M&A, corporate governance
Daniel Smith Professor dansmith [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-6679
1500 N. State Road 46 Bypass
Marketing Strategy
J. Smith Professor jrsmith2 [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-0867
Room BS 4026
Accounting information systems, Auditing, Game theory
James Smith Senior Lecturer jamcsmit [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 278-8430
Room BS 4000A
Vicki Smith-Daniels Professor vsmithda [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-0818
Room BS 4020
Health care operations management, Health care supply chain management, Project management, Service operations, Value optimization and performance measurement
Ash Soni Professor soni [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-8489
Godfrey Center,
Room 3006
Enterprise Systems and Applications, Emerging Technologies, Operations Research & Business Analytics, Supply Chain Management, Computer Simulation
Gilvan Associate Professor gsouza [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3491
Business School,
Room 670F
Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Closed-Loop Supply Chains, Technology Management, Sustainable Operations, Remanufacturing, Reverse Logistics
Rosann Spiro Professor spiro [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-1100
Business School,
Room 328R
Business to business marketing with particular interests in the salesperson/customer interaction, Sales strategy, Sales Management, Organizational buying behavior
Daniel Spore Academic Other dspore [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-5868
Business School,
Room 339
Past president of local association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. Member of NAIFA (National Association of insurance and Financial Advisors)
Geoff Sprinkle Professor sprinkle [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3514
Business School,
Room BU540G
Managerial & Cost Accounting; Motivation & Coordination Problems within Organizations; Performance Evaluation & Reward Systems.
Academic Other jksreman [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail

1319 E Tenth,
Room 005
Communication, Professional, & Computer Skills
Catalin Stefanescu Lecturer castefan [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2773
Business School,
Room 436
International Finance, Monetary Policy, Macroeconomics
Judy Steiner-Williams Senior Lecturer steinerj [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3271
1319 E Tenth,
Room 107
Communication, Professional, & Computer Skills
Abbey Stemler Lecturer astemler [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-9308
Business School,
Room 434
• Legal aspects of entrepreneurship • Ethics and small business management • Small businesses in low-income countries
Jerrold Stern Professor stern [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2648
Business School,
Room 550F
Taxation, Tax Aspects of Investing, Tax Planning, Accounting Curriculum, Business Transfer Credits
Noah Stoffman Assistant Professor nstoffma [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-5664
Business School,
Room 356B
Cynthia Stone Lecturer stonec [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-4254
Business School,
Room 338
The Computer in Business, Technology in Business, Systems Analysis and Design, Systems Implementation, Electronic Commerce and Strategic Analysis.
Ben Storey Lecturer jbstorey [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-4349
1319 E Tenth,
Room 206
Communication, Professional, & Computer Skills
Diane Sturek Lecturer dlsturek [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 278-6207
Room BS 4032
Accounting, Auditing
John Talbott Senior Lecturer jstalbot [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-1164
Business School,
Room 328V
Retailing, Relating Marketing Activities to Financial Outcomes, New Media Communication
Mohan Tatikonda Professor tatikond [at] iu [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-2751
Room BS 4044
Nolan Taylor Clinical Assistant Professor notaylor [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-0185
Room BS 4030
Computer systems usability, E-Commerce, Technology-enabled group performance
George Telthorst Lecturer gtelthor [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-8674
Godfrey Center,
Room 3070C
Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma Problem Solving, Business of Life Sciences
Siri Terjesen Assistant Professor terjesen [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2769
Business School,
Room 650D
Strategic Entrepreneurship, International Management, Gender in Management (corporate boards, entrepreneurship)
J. Threlkeld Senior Lecturer jthrelke [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2560
Business School,
Room 426F-A
Analytical Techniques for Marketing & Consumer Data, Professional Sales Training, Distance & Online Learning, Data Modeling Tools and Techniques, Project Management
Xuan Tian Assistant Professor tianx [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3420
Business School,
Room 356A
Corporate Finance, Venture Capital, and Innovation
Mikel Tiller Associate Professor tiller [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2619
Godfrey Center,
Room 2000
Financial Accounting, Eastern Europe, Education Research, Managerial/Behavioral Accounting
Charles Trzcinka Professor ctrzcink [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-9908
Business School,
Room 356D
Brady Twedt Assistant Professor btwedt [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2655
Business School,
Room 576
Gregory Udell Professor gudell [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3394
Business School,
Room 474
Susan Vargo Senior Lecturer svargo [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2731
1319 E Tenth,
Room 102
Listening, Language style, Gender communication
Ramesh Venkataraman Associate Professor venkat [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-7852
Business School,
Room 242
Data Modeling, Heterogeneous Databases, Virtual Teams and Groupware, Usability in Mobile Systems, Software Engineering, Database Design
Munirpallam Venkataramanan Professor venkatar [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-0245
Room BY 113
Technology Management, Decision Support Systems, Supply Chain management, Computer Simulation, Enterprise Resource Planning
James Wahlen Professor jwahlen [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2658
Business School,
Room 550G
Capital Markets Consequences of Financial Accounting Information
Rockney Walters Professor waltersr [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-1152
Business School,
Room 328F
Pricing, Promotion, B2B
Wenyu Wang Assistant Professor wenywang [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-0189
Business School,
Room 364
Macro Finance, Corporate Finance with focus on M&A
Zhenyu Wang Professor zw25 [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-2029
Business School,
Room 482
Financial markets, Financial intermediation, Derivatives securities, Risk management, Portfolio management, Financial econometrics
Lecturer relwells [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-9714
Business School,
Room 339
Kenneth Wendeln Clinical Associate Professor kwendeln [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 278-3209
Room BS 4006
Acquisitions and divestitures, Business strategy, Corporate Governance
Curtis Wesley Assistant Professor cuwesley [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-0939
Room BS 4022
Corporate Governance, Social Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management
Charlotte Westerhaus-Renfrow Senior Lecturer cfwester [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-2544
Room BS 4038
Intercultural competency and communication in law and management
Bradley Wheeler Professor bwheeler [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3478
1500 N. State Road 46 Bypass,
Room CIB 2709
Net-enabled Organizations, Open Source Software, Innovation with Digital Networks, CIO Executive Leadership, Executive Leadership of IT Strategy, Executive Programs in Business-IT Effectiveness
Steve Whiting Assistant Professor whiting [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-3209
Business School,
Room 640D
Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Consequences of Training, Narcissism in the Workplace
Matthew Wieland Assistant Professor mmwielan [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 278-7437
Room BS 4004
Financial Accounting, Market Analysis
Matthijs Wildenbeest Associate Professor mwildenb [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-5067
Business School,
Room 448
Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics, Applied Econometrics
Theresa Williams Clinical Associate Professor thdwilli [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-1289
Business School,
Room 426E
Retail Management, Marketing Strategy
James Wimbush Professor jwimbush [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2739
Room 111
Graduate Education
Vivian Winston Lecturer vwinston [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-6543
Business School,
Room 428H
Financial Accounting, Tax, Business Valuations
John Wisneski Senior Lecturer wisneski [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2705
Business School,
Room 660A
Strategic problem solving, Management Consulting work processes, Project Management
Douglas Woodhouse Lecturer dwoodhou [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-0625
Business School,
Room 332
Getting Things Done: Strategic Analysis, Business Transformation, Change Management, Program Management, Business Analysis, Business Process Re-engineering, Outsourcing, Offshoring, Procurement, Negotiations
Judith Wright Lecturer jw3 [at] iupui [dot] edu E-mail
(317) 274-2446
Room BS 4014
Insurance and financial services law, Corporate compliance, Regulation of business, Continuous improvement of business processes
Lucy Yan Assistant Professor yanlucy [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3369
Business School,
Room 570C
Social Networks and Large-Scale Data Analysis, Social Media in Healthcare, Business Analytics and Data-driven Decision Making, Economics of Information Systems, Mobile/Internet Marketing
Jun Yang Associate Professor jy4 [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3395
Business School,
Room 360
Contracting, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Executive Compensation
Wei Yang Assistant Professor weiyang1 [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-2025
Business School,
Room 483
Teri Yohn Professor tyohn [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-0430
Business School,
Room 582
Capital Markets, Financial Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis
Scott Yonker Assistant Professor syonker [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2694
Business School,
Room 352
corporate finance, behavioral finance, investments, and empirical asset pricing
Xiaoyun Yu Associate Professor xiyu [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3521
Business School,
Room 358
Corporate Finance, Security Design, Initial Public Offerings, Financial Institutions, Market Microstructure, Political Economy of Finance
Jingjing Zhang Assistant Professor jjzhang [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2661
Business School,
Room 670B
Personalization and Recommender Systems; Business Intelligence; Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining; Human-Computer Interaction