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Indiana University Bloomington

Doctoral Programs

1960 Notable

From 1960-2013, we prepared nearly 1,200 men and women
for rewarding academic careers — that’s more than any other university.

Faculty & Research


As a doctoral student, the interactions you’ll have with faculty members set the tone for the rest of your career. Our Kelley faculty are committed to your success, and strive to create a collaborative, creative, welcoming atmosphere for all our graduate students. The faculty members’ open-door policy is both literal and figurative—you’ll see professors chatting in the hallways with their colleagues and meeting with doctoral students everywhere you go. In our eyes, you are junior faculty members who have important research projects and papers to present.

Not only are our faculty members a friendly, supportive group, they are renowned scholars in their own right. Here are just a few statistics:

  • IU is ranked 4th among public universities and 18th in the nation for having the most frequently downloaded research publications, according to a recent Social Science Research Network (SSRN) study
  • Kelley faculty have served on more than 30 corporate boards
  • Kelley faculty have published more than 2,000 articles in more than 300 leading business journals and 200 books
  • Kelley faculty have won more than 150 research awards and 300 teaching awards
  • Kelley faculty are ranked 7th in the nation on faculty scholarship productivity by The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Read more about our stellar faculty members:

Faculty Member Contact Professional Interests
Franklin Acito Professor acito [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-1013
Godfrey Center,
Room 3070P
Strategies for analyzing structural models, alignment of marketing and sales strategies, sampling characteristics and the use of marketing research by managers
Herman Aguinis Professor haguinis [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-0780
Business School
Organizational Behavior; Human Resource Management; Research Methods and Analysis; and Human Capital Acquisition, Development, and Deployment (e.g., Corporate Responsibility, Domestic and International Diversity, Staffing, Training and Development, Performance Management)
Michael Baye Professor mbaye [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2779
Business School
Industrial Organization, Microeconomics, Game Theory, E-Commerce, Antitrust
Utpal Bhattacharya Associate Professor ubhattac [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3413
Business School
Dark Side of Financial Markets
Hai Che Associate Professor haiche [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-4396
Business School
Empirical Choice Models, Empirical Industrial Organization, Competitive Pricing and Product Line Strategies, Behavioral Economics
Ruomeng Cui Assistant Professor cuir [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-9984
Business School
Supply Chains, Information Sharing, Forecasting, Empirical Studies in Operations, Inventory Management, Social Media Information in Operations
Babur De Los Santos Assistant Professor babur [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3345
Business School
Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics, and Labor Economics
Rick Harbaugh Associate Professor riharbau [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2777
Business School
Game Theory, Strategic Communication, Managerial Economics, Chinese Economy
Craig Holden Professor cholden [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3383
Business School
Market Microstructure, International Finance
Kristoph Kleiner Assistant Professor kleinerk [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-7182
Business School
Household Finance, Entrepreneurship, Real Estate Finance, Applied Macroeconomics
H. Krishnan Professor skrishna [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-1210
Business School
• Implicit Memory for Information • Memory Interference Processes • Role of Memory in Brand Equity, Brand Associations, and Brand Extensions • Interactions between Memory and Attitudes, Confidence, and Intentions
Shibo Li Associate Professor shili [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-9015
Business School
Consumer Dynamics, Analytical Customer Relationship Management, Internet and Interactive Marketing, Analytical and Empirical Analysis of Signaling Models
Haizhen Lin Assistant Professor hzlin [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3535
Business School
Industrial Organization, Health Economics, Law and Economics, Applied Econometrics
Laureen Maines Professor lmaines [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-8796
Godfrey Center,
Room 3003
Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Behavioral Decision Theory
John Maxwell Professor jwmax [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-9219
Business School
Corporate Environmentalism and Public Policy, Non-market Strategy, Risk Management, Environmental Economics
Alfonso Pedraza-Martinez Assistant Professor alpedraz [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-6227
Business School
Humanitarian Operations and Crisis Management, Sustainability, Operations Management in Emerging Markets, Global Supply Chains
Jamie Prenkert Professor japrenke [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-9308
Business School
Employment Discrimination (race, sex, disabilities), Workplace Harassment, Retaliation Issues
Michael Rauh Associate Professor mtrauh [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2782
Business School
Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, and Game Theory
Rebecca Slotegraaf Associate Professor rslotegr [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-1014
Business School
Marketing Strategy, Marketing Capabilities, New Product Development, Brand Management
Rosann Spiro Professor spiro [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-1100
Business School
Business to business marketing with particular interests in the salesperson/customer interaction, Sales strategy, Sales Management, Organizational buying behavior
Charles Trzcinka Professor ctrzcink [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-9908
Business School
Brady Twedt Assistant Professor btwedt [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2655
Business School
Capital Markets, Information Intermediaries, Voluntary Disclosure, Financial Reporting
Gregory Udell Professor gudell [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3394
Business School
Matthijs Wildenbeest Associate Professor mwildenb [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-5067
Business School
Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics, Applied Econometrics
Teri Yohn Professor tyohn [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-0430
Business School
Capital Markets, Financial Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis