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Indiana University Bloomington


Stuck? You can get an instructional manual for users of the faculty database here.

Still stuck? Please feel free to contact KSBIT [at] indiana [dot] edu with any questions you may have.

Faculty Database

We are currently using the Rhythmyx CMS as the central location for common data displayed on the web. This information includes publications, course descriptions, and profiles for individual faculty. The data is published to an external database from the CMS and accessed via ColdFusion to produce dynamic and searchable lists.

The following pages use this data:

Templates have been created so that users can easily add this functionality to their sites. The templates can be pre-filtered so the information displayed is relevant only to that site. For an example, Marketing only lists information that has been affiliated with that department. This can also be done by program or center.

Departments are individually responsible for the accuracy of their information. All departments have a "Fact Checker" that can approve changes and correct errors.
Contact list by department

In the interest of consistency, we have created formatting guidelines for the entry of data in the faculty database. The guidelines can be downloaded here.