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Indiana University Bloomington

Center for Education and Research in Retailing


Kelley is a hotspot for retail recruiting. Kohl's and Target lead the way in employing Kelley students in internships and post graduation retail careers. Other great retailers like Dick's Sporting Goods, Macy's, Toy's R Us, and Abrecrombie & Fitch also seek retail Talent at the Kelley School.  



Sears Retailing Lab and Classroom

In the Sears Retailing Lab and Classroom, Kelley students use the same software they’ll use in their retailing careers.

Technology is vital to retailing analysis and decision making. Our high-tech Sears Retailing Lab and Classroom engages Kelley retailing and marketing students in a variety of sophisticated projects, including:

  • Analyzing retailing data
  • Testing new products in virtual stores
  • Designing virtual malls
  • Merchandise budget planning
  • Geo-demographic mapping
  • Designing advertisements
Equipment and software
  • 32 high-end workstations with high-resolution flat-panel monitors
  • A local area network backbone that links the 32 workstations to a powerful server dedicated to the classroom
  • Two large-screen LCD projectors tied to the instructor’s workstation, enabling projection of computer outputs, DVDs, television, and video conferencing
  • A dedicated, high-speed laser printer
  • A full array of sophisticated software at each workstation, including @RISK 4.5 for Excel, Amos, Answer Tree, Choices II, Extend, Lisrel, Markstrat Online, Microsoft Office Project 2007, Microsoft Office Visio 2007, and MPlus
Partnering opportunities

We invite other retail organizations to participate in educating Indiana University students and welcome the opportunity to develop projects, case studies, and experiential exercises for use in the Sears Retailing Lab and Classroom. The lab’s software and hardware can be used for projects concerned with many types of retailing issues, including:

  • Analyzing data from customer loyalty and satisfaction programs
  • Merchandise planning
  • Developing and testing e-commerce applications
  • Testing new products
  • Planning retail site locations
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of direct marketing programs
  • Designing materials for integrated communications programs