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Indiana University Bloomington

Center for Education and Research in Retailing


Raymond Burke’s research on shoppability reveals valuable insights about how people shop, helping retailers increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Faculty Spotlight

Ray Burke

Ray Burke

E. W. Kelley Chair of Business Administration; Professor of Marketing; Director of the Customer Interface Laboratory

Consumers have a limited amount of time to shop. For retailers to remain competitive, they need to make the shopping experience as convenient and enjoyable as possible.”


Research and Publications

Customer Interface Lab

Kelley faculty and graduate students use sophisticated technologies in the Customer Interface Laboratory to conduct cutting-edge research on in-store marketing, e-commerce, and retail technology issues—and ultimately to better understand shopper behavior.

The lab includes:

  • Virtual reality simulations of store aisles that are used to test customers’ reactions to new products, product assortments, prices, packaging, and merchandising
  • Computer-assisted video tracking of customers in retail stores, enabling researchers to inconspicuously observe and then analyze shopper behavior
  • New customer interface technologies that represent the future of retailer-customer interaction, including computer kiosks, digital signage, directional audio, and handheld shopping devices

Learn more about the Customer Interface Lab on the Department of Marketing Web site.