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You can view past presentations from our Indiana Life Sciences Collaboration Conferences.

The Kelley Advantage

Coming from one of the leading business schools in the nation, CBLS has established a vehicle for you to learn from and interact with life sciences industry experts. The proof? Twenty-four conferences organized since 2006.

Indiana Life Sciences Collaboration Conferences Series

Life Sciences Is the Capital Idea

May 16, 2008
Downtown Indianapolis
Ice Miller LLP
Indiana University School of Medicine
Indiana Economic Development Corporation

When Indiana decided to focus growth on the life sciences industry, global pharmaceutical, diagnostics, medical device, and bioscience companies were here to help build that segment. The intellectual capital was here—but could it be expanded, unlocked, and fed with real financial capital? The venture capital market in Indiana for life sciences was almost nonexistent. Over the last five years, how have these dynamics changed? Are our ideas getting out of our researchers' and professors' labs? What's the current status of local market VCs and entrepreneurs and how are they putting their ideas to work? At this conference, experts will attempt to answer these and other intriguing questions.