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Nick Guzik

Second Year MBA Student & Academy PLUS Life Sciences Member

Nick Guzik

“I truly enjoy working on products and services that ultimately impact people’s lives. Many industries can purport this claim, but I honestly feel that the life science industry has the most to contribute to humanity. I support that statement on a professional level, with my experiences at Lilly showing me that working in life sciences can bring personal fulfillment; and on a personal level, I have benefited from the efforts of those in the life science field as my mother is a breast cancer survivor.”

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When Nick Guzik enrolled at Wabash College, his sights were firmly set on going to medical school and becoming a doctor.  “Growing up I was always interested in science, especially how things worked.  It seemed logical to pursue the medical field.  Classes within my biology major routinely gave me the opportunity to explore science; but as my education progressed, I found myself gravitating towards exploring the intersection of science and business.” 

What arose was a keen sense for business, and when Eli Lilly came to Wabash to interview potential interns, Nick jumped at the opportunity - which ultimately led to a role within Lilly’s finance division.  “While at Lilly, I enjoyed solving business problems, mainly because I knew we were ultimately helping patients lead more healthy and productive lives.  My work supporting the global medical and marketing teams of Oncology, and the decisions I made on a daily basis had a direct impact on what tumors our current portfolio pursued.”   Nick gained a broader perspective of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, witnessing the genesis and implementation of an idea and ultimately experiencing the success or failure of a given compound in clinical development. 

Nick’s experience within the life science industry provided him with an excellent foundation during his time at Kelley.   “The Academy PLUS Life Sciences has offered me exposure to other companies within the healthcare value chain, and has deepened my industry knowledge through company visits, academy specific case competitions, and the IU Kelley Life Sciences Collaboration Conference series.” Going forward, Nick will utilize his science and financial background as well as his Kelley experiences in the marketing division at Eli Lilly.    

Published April 12, 2011