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Harry Gonso

Partner, Ice Miller LLP

Harry Gonso

I am proud and pleased to lend a hand and be involved with one of Indiana's and Indiana University's greatest resources the Kelley School of Business as we get prepared for our future.

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Harry Gonso not only believes what will make Indiana an even greater State is a strong life sciences industry, but as a long time lawyer with Ice Miller, former Chief of Staff to Governor Daniels and life-long entrepreneur, Gonso brings experience and action to ideas.

“We need to look up North to our steel mills, to our historic auto industry and to our banking system dismantled by banks headquartered elsewhere to realize that our future rests on an industry that distinguishes Indiana from other states and for that matter other countries. The Kelley CBLS is a part of the action … collaboration, education and sharing the sense that our children's future and their children's, depends on preparation and hard work to create opportunities.”

In addition to serving on the Advisory Board to CBLS, Gonso is leading Ice Miller's life sciences practice, was co-founder of Twilight Venture Partners, Indiana's first life sciences venture capital firm, and serves on other life sciences related boards and other philanthropic boards.

Harry has also been one of CBLS’s biggest supporters when it comes to the Indiana Life Sciences Collaboration Series. Harry and Ice Miller has been a primary sponsor of the conference series for over three years. Harry has worked hard on continuously elevating the quality of conference topics, material and speakers.

Published April 12, 2011