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Fred Roedl

Clinical Associate Professor and Faculty Chair, Executive Certificate in the Business of Life Sciences, Kelley School of Business

Since Fred Roedl’s background and academic focus is in business-to-business marketing, he is a natural to teach and be the faculty chairperson for the Executive Certificate in the Business of Life Sciences (ECBLS) program.  Fred spent many years as a B2B marketing practitioner with three large global corporations.  Since coming to Kelley in 2004, he has developed an interest and acquired additional experience in working with life science companies through his other roles as Director of the MBA Business Marketing Academy and teaching various executive education programs.  Companies, such as Eli Lilly, Abbott Labs, GE Healthcare and Roche diagnostics have worked extensively with Fred and his MBA students to provide a unique look at the life sciences segment of business marketing. 

And as a faculty associate with CBLS's Executive Certificate in the Business of Life Sciences program, Roedl is happy to share his experience with the diverse student population within the ECBLS program.  He teaches the final course for the certificate, Marketing Management and Strategy in Life Sciences. The course challenges students to apply general marketing principles to the complexity of the life science industry.  In Roedl’s words, “Given the complexity and the numerous variations of the life science value chains, marketers are faced with developing unique relationships with multiple customers, partners, influencers and constituencies. These include: individual consumers; physicians; pharmacies; wholesalers; payers; GPOs and IDNs; organizational buyers such as hospitals and surgical centers; manufacturers; manufacturer’s representatives, etc.  This course introduces students to concepts that are considered critical in understanding the marketing function and its responsibilities in this complex environment.”

Through a rigorous combination of discussion forums, lectures, relevant literature and business cases in the life science industry, this course sensitizes students to the difficult decisions and activities which marketers undertake in achieving success for their products, services and ultimately their companies.  Student interaction – with peers, with Fred and in virtual classroom settings – is a central component of this marketing class.    As Roedl states, “The learning that takes place from students sharing their experiences with other students is amazing.  I encourage and facilitate this interaction.  The program’s on-line technology greatly enhances the student’s ability to discuss best practices that have practical application from one life science segment to another.”

With the Kelley School's stellar reputation for executive education coupled with the state of Indiana's growing prominence in the field of life sciences, it makes perfect sense that CBLS would begin offering this executive certificate.  After all, says Roedl, “Life science companies navigate through constant change and under extreme scrutiny.  These challenges are not expected to diminish in the near term as globalization, economic cycles and government involvement intensifies.  The ECBLS program is uniquely designed to provide life science business leaders key insights that will enhance employee effectiveness and better position students to capture future market opportunities for their firms.

Published April 12, 2011