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Carrie Bates

Managing Partner of Triathlon Medical Ventures

Carrie Bates

CBLS is truly unique because it is getting both students and the university involved specifically with Life Science companies. We have so many great life science companies in Indiana, yet none of these will be successful without continuing to attract talent like students from IU. CBLS provides the opportunity for students to learn more about the life sciences before graduating, which benefits the students and the companies hiring them.

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For Carrie Bates, CBLS provides an opportunity to better understand what is happening at the Kelley School, to meet students and professors, and to network with her fellow Board members and industry professionals.

In addition to being a Managing Partner at Triathlon Medical Ventures, which is a Midwest-based venture capital firm that invests exclusively in the life sciences, Carrie has over 20 years of venture and operating experience, with a focus on medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Prior to Triathlon, she ran Guidant Corporation’s venture group.  Before the Guidant’s venture group, she held various senior management operating positions at Guidant and Eli Lilly.  She has an MBA from Stanford, a BS in Finance and a BS in Computer Science, and is a CPA.  Carrie is the Chairman of the Board of CS-Keys, on the Board of Directors of Expanding Orthopedics and Mitralign, and was on the Board of Directors of Remon Medical Technologies prior to its acquisition by Boston Scientific.

Carrie first became involved with CBLS when Larry Davidson was first forming the Industry Advisory Board and he and George Telthorst contacted her to ask if she like to participate and if if she knew of others that would be of value on the Board.   Recalling the formation of the board Carrie said “I really appreciated being in on the “ground floor” as the key objectives and goals of the Industry Advisory Board were being determined, and as the Board was being built”.

In addition to being a valuable board member, Carrie has been a guest lecturer for the Kelley Center for the Business of Life Sciences classes.  She is also a regular attendee at the CBLS Indiana Life Sciences Collaboration Conferences, where she enjoys networking and education on a broad variety of topics related to the life sciences.

Published April 12, 2011