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The Effects of Gender on Processing Advertising and Product Trial Information

2006, Marketing Letters

DeAnna S. Kempf, Russell N. Laczniak, Robert E. Smith


Consistent with past research and theory explaining gender differences in information processing, the empirical study reported here showed that men process two forms of marketing information (advertising and product trial) differently than women. Specifically, women are more sensitive to the comprehensiveness of the trial information, recognizing manipulated differences in trial diagnosticity. In contrast, men tend to use readily available information to form brand judgments and are less likely to notice that other attribute information is unavailable in the product trial.


Kempf, DeAnna S., Russell N. Laczniak, and Robert E. Smith (2006), "The Effects of Gender on Processing Advertising and Product Trial Information," Marketing Letters, Vol. 17, No. 1, pp. 5-16.