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H. Shanker Krishnan

Contact Information

(812) 855-1210
skrishna [at] indiana [dot] edu (E-mail)
Business School

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  • Chairperson of Marketing
  • Professor of Marketing
  • Whirlpool Faculty Fellow


  • Bloomington


  • PhD, University of Arizona, 1991
  • MBA, Duke University, 1986
  • BS, University of Madras, 1978

Professional Experience

  • Competitor Analysis, Control Data Corporation, Minneapolis
  • Advertising Research, Tatham Euro RSCG, Chicago
  • Visiting Professor, University of Florida, Gainesville
  • Visiting Professor, Ivey Business School, London, Canada
  • Visiting Professor, SKKU Business School, Seoul, South Korea
  • Executive education and consultant to various companies such as 3M, Firestone, IBM, Eli Lilly, Ingersoll Rand, SPX, Manitowoc, McCain Foods, Dow Chemical

Awards, Honors & Certifications

  • Innovative Teaching Award
  • Research Excellence Award
  • Teaching Excellence Recognition Award

Professional Interests

• Implicit Memory for Information • Memory Interference Processes • Role of Memory in Brand Equity, Brand Associations, and Brand Extensions • Interactions between Memory and Attitudes, Confidence, and Intentions

Personal Interests

Tennis, Reading, Movies

Current Projects

  • Firestone Diversified
  • Eli Lilly
  • 3M

Selected Publications

  • Kumar, Anand, Ali Besharat, Charles Lindsey, and H. Shanker Krishnan (2014), "Contextual and Competitive Interference: Inhibition or Facilitation?" Journal of Advertising, Volume 43, Issue 3.

  • Poor, Morgan, Adam Duhachek, and H. Shanker Krishnan (2013), “How Images of Other Consumers Influence Subsequent Taste Perceptions,” Journal of Marketing, vol. 77, issue 6, pages 124-139.

  • Poor, Morgan Adam Duhachek and H. Shanker Krishnan (2012), “The Moderating Role of Emotional Differentiation on Satiation,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, Vol. 22, No. 4, pp. 507-519.

  • Lakshmanan, Arun and H. Shanker Krishnan (2011), "The Aha! Experience:  Insight and Discontinuous Learning in Product Usage," Journal of Marketing, Vol. 75, No. 6, November, pp. 105-123.

  • Samu, Sridhar and H. Shanker Krishnan (2010), “Brand Related Information as Context: The Impact of Brand Name Characteristics on Memory and Choice," Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Vol. 38, No. 4, Fall, pp. 456-470.

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  • Delvecchio, Devon, Arun Lakshmanan, and H. Shanker Krishnan (2009), "The Effects of Discount Location and Frame on Consumers’ Price Estimates," Journal of Retailing, 85 (3), 336-346. Read Abstract ››

  • Lakshmanan, Arun and H. Shanker Krishnan (2009), "How does Imagery in Interactive Consumption lead to False Memory? A Reconstructive Memory Perspective, "  Journal of Consumer Psychology, 19 (3), 451-462. Read Abstract ››

  • Palmeira, Mauricio and H. Shanker Krishnan (2008), “Criteria instability and the isolated option effect,” Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 106(2), 153-167. Read Abstract ››

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  • Duhachek, Adam, Shuoyang Zhang, and H. Shanker Krishnan (2007), "Anticipated Group Interaction: Coping with Valence Asymmetries in Attitude Shift," Journal of Consumer Research, 34 (3), 395-405. Read Abstract ››

  • Lindsey, Charles D. and H. Shanker Krishnan (2007) "Retrieval Disruption in Collaborative Groups Due to Brand Cues," Journal of Consumer Research, 33 (4), 470-478. Read Abstract ››

  • Shapiro, Stewart, Charles D. Lindsey, and H. Shanker Krishnan (2006), "Intentional Forgetting as a Facilitator for Recalling New Product Attributes," Journal of Experimental Psychology:Applied, 12(4), 251-263. Read Abstract ››

  • Mao, Huifang and H. Shanker Krishnan (2006), "Effects of Prototype and Exemplar Fit on Brand Extension Evaluations: A Two-Process Contingency Model," Journal of Consumer Research, 33(1), 41-49. Read Abstract ››

  • Kumar, Anand and H. Shanker Krishnan (2004), "Memory Interference in Advertising: A Replication and Extension," Journal of Consumer Research, 30(4), 602-611. Read Abstract ››

  • Krishnan, H. Shanker and Dipankar Chakravarti (2003), "A Process Analysis of the Effects of Humorous Advertising Executions on Brand Claims Memory," Journal of Consumer Psychology, 13(3), 230-245. Read Abstract ››

  • Shapiro, Stewart and H. Shanker Krishnan (2001), "Memory-Based Measures for Assessing Advertising Effects: A Comparison of Explicit and Implicit Memory Effects," Journal of Advertising, 30(3), 1-14.

  • Samu, Sridhar, H. Shanker Krishnan, and Robert E. Smith (1999), "Using Advertising Alliances for New Product Introduction: Interactions between Product Complimentarity and Promotional Strategies," Journal of Marketing, 63(1), 57-74.

  • Shapiro, Stewart and H. Shanker Krishnan (1999), "Consumer Memory for Intentions: A Prospective Memory Perspective," Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, 5 (2), 169-189.

  • Krishnan, H. Shanker and Dipankar Chakravarti (1999), "Memory Measures for Pretesting Advertisements: An Integrative Conceptual Framework and a Diagnostic Template," Journal of Consumer Psychology, 8(1), 1-37.