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Global Reputation

Consumer Marketing Academy students get internships at companies on the who's who list of brand and retail management.

Consumer Marketing Academy Student Members

Sanya Bhutani


On the CMA

Be it brand management, consumer insights or retail, the Consumer Marketing Academy is your one-stop shop. Each session offers new material that is relevant to the current situation as well as the ever-evolving industry. Students get a detailed insight into each aspect of a consumer marketer’s role. Presentations by Kelley alumni, which include both recent graduates as well as industry leaders, help you not only better prepare for the immediate future, but really understand how to keep moving ahead by making the right choices. Make the most of these resources as few schools, if any, offer these opportunities.

My Bio

Undergraduate: Delhi University, statistics

Hometown: New Delhi, India

Internship: Coca-Cola India, Gurgaon, Haryana

Being an Indian with work experience in the consulting and IT industries gives me the opportunity to help fellow CMA members understand international markets and their cultural intricacies. With America’s ever-changing consumer profiles, a different perspective helps a marketer learn how to quickly adapt and act.

I received immense encouragement from my faculty and peers that helped me overcome the obstacles unique to finding an internship in India. Co-directors Jonlee Andrews and Ray Luther are not only experts on the American market, but understand international markets as well. My CMA peer coach was very open to learning about the Indian landscape so that she could better guide me on how to land an internship of my choice.

Regardless of whether my fellow Academy members were from a consumer packaged goods background or not, every individual had exciting ideas and a vast amount of knowledge to share—it is the students that truly make the CMA what it is.