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Indiana University Bloomington

Center for Brand Leadership

Global Reputation

Consumer Marketing Academy students get internships at companies on the who's who list of brand and retail management.

Consumer Marketing Academy Student Members

A.J. Miller


On the CMA

The Consumer Marketing Academy’s biggest strength is its network. Speakers from well-known consumer packaged goods companies frequently pop in to give speeches and networking events on- and off-campus are available nearly every week. Best of all, our first Academy week gave us the opportunity to meet and chat with representatives from five major companies.

My Bio

Undergraduate: San Diego State University, English Literature

Hometown: Redding, Calif.

Internship: Hanesbrands Inc., Winston Salem, N.C.

Having lived my whole life in California, I wanted to see what other parts of the country were like. As I began my business school search, I noticed Kelley had everything I wanted in a program: a challenging and rigorous curriculum, international opportunities, and a world-renowned marketing program. Bloomington, however, was the real surprise. Whether you're into outdoor recreation, musicals, or bars that are open late—this town has it. Just don't completely forget about your schoolwork.

I had no formal marketing education coming into Kelley and I knew the CMA would help me develop the marketing acumen needed to be successful. Additionally, the CMA is well known for giving you access to important people in fantastic companies—this is particularly important as networking is the key to getting your dream job.

It really is a fantastic academy if you’re looking to enter a new career. The CMA consists of students from the worlds of finance, engineering, the humanities, and, of course, marketing. And, the CMA alums have been incredibly helpful—I can’t emphasize that enough. Recent graduates have been more than willing to give up part of their evenings to give interview advice and talk about their positions, companies, and experiences at Kelley.