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Indiana University Bloomington

Center for Brand Leadership

Global Reputation

Consumer Marketing Academy students get internships at companies on the who's who list of brand and retail management.

Consumer Marketing Academy Student Members

Melanie Griesser


On the CMA

All of our guest speakers have opened my eyes to what a brand manager does. The academy has a creative aspect, but is also an analytical, fast-paced environment where you’re working with cross-functional team members daily. The academy is preparing me to understand the position of brand manager and thrive in the field.

My Bio

Undergrad: Miami University, Marketing and Decision Sciences

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Internship: Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati, Ohio

After a semester in the academy, I landed an internship at my top company. Growing up in Ohio, I’ve always wanted to work at P&G. I considered it the gold standard of companies for marketers. I felt so prepared when I interviewed.  This is largely due to the preparation I received from the CMA and all of the help I received from my second-year classmates.

I was working in management consulting when I decided it was time to pursue my MBA. I was finding myself drawn to marketing employees’ work, and I was curious about what brand managers did. I wanted to build a career that would challenge me and where my ideas would be valued.

When I visited Kelley, I kept people’s contact information, and everyone I e-mailed reached out to help me. The network of students, faculty, alumni, and companies stood out to me.

I was able to take a leadership position this year as the Vice President of External Relationships of Kelley Women. I’ve helped organize outreach events such as an interview workshop for people in the community who are seeking work.