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Indiana University Bloomington

Center for Brand Leadership

Global Reputation

Consumer Marketing Academy students get internships at companies on the who's who list of brand and retail management.

Consumer Marketing Academy Student Members

The Consumer Marketing Academy typically includes 40 to 50 students per year. Here you'll meet several members of the classes of 2014 and 2015.
Class of 2015 Student Members
Photo of Grant Carl Allen
Grant Allen

"I would describe the culture of Kelley in one word--collaborative. But that doesn't just mean backslapping and handholding. It means tough, honest feedback, a willingness to push others, true empathy, and a genuine desire to see others succeed."

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Photo of Sulay Alvarenga
Sulay Alvarenga

"Prior to Kelley, I worked for an entertainment and lifestyle magazine and created direct mail campaigns for clients in the cable industry. I wanted to have a more direct impact on how products were brought to market and help shape the experience consumers have with brands. When I started my internship search, I knew I wanted to gain brand management experience and work with people who are really passionate about the work they're doing. PepsiCo offered everything I was looking for in a summer internship."

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Photo of Andrew Bowling
Andrew Bowling

"Prior to Kelley, I had never taken a business class. Kelley transformed my knowledge of business with classes that developed the technical ability necessary to succeed in my internship and after graduation."

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Photo of Mary Margaret Corona
Mary Margaret Corona

"As a career changer, I targeted schools that excelled in marketing. I looked for programs that were highly ranked and showed strong relationships with top CPG firms. I chose Kelley for its superior career services and unique Academies curriculum, ensuring I would receive practical marketing knowledge and exposure to top consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies during my first semester."

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Photo of Nicholas Sneed
Nicholas Sneed

"I came to Kelley with an idea of the kind of marketer I wanted to be and how I measure success. Getting an MBA is helping make my dreams possible and allowing me to succeed at my goals."

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Photo of Susana Zazueta
Susana Zazueta

"My definition of success is having a career that you don't see as a job. It is loving what you do every day so that you look forward to working and ultimately making a difference in the company. Kelley is helping me find my passion and discover what industry and company is the best fit for me."

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Class of 2014 Student Members
Erika Cortez

"Coming from the Disney-ABC Television Group as a career switcher, I understood the importance of storytelling when it came to selling a product, service, or even a television show. What I didn't have were the tools to tell the story. I chose the CMA because I wanted to learn and gain a deep understanding of consumer marketing--I needed to learn the ABCs of marketing."

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Dante Cunningham

"I had the opportunity to travel throughout the Midwest and East Coast and visit top-tier consumer packaged goods companies that I wouldn't normally have access to. The relationships with alumni at these companies are what set the Kelley School of Business apart from other institutions."

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Luke Hayward

"Having a marketing and advertising background, the CMA sounded like a perfect fit for me. I came back to school to get into a larger consumer products company and the CMA was a huge draw for me coming back to IU."

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Andrew Lanzziano

"I was able to bring a unique viewpoint to the CMA with my previous experience working in the sports business industry. I leveraged my insights and experiences I had with the Miami Heat and University of Miami Athletic Department into some great classroom discussions. Sharing my Columbian background also provided insights into the Hispanic consumer, a hot topic consumer marketers in the U.S. are addressing daily."

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Tracy Schrauben

"Having been a dancer for 22 years, a choreographer for six, and graphic designer for three, I'm wired to think creatively! It's been great to learn how I can leverage this skill in business, particularly brand management."

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Marc Upchurch

"I have had a wide range of professional experiences across different industries including advertising, healthcare, and financial services . . . Coupling these experiences with the marketing frameworks and tactical analytics I have learned at Kelley through the Core, the CMA and my real world business case with Land O'Lakes helped me land my internship with Nationwide."

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