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Feehan Finds Fun at Procter and Gamble

Tara Feehan MBA'10

Tara Feehan

I want to be a strong team member, one that my colleagues can rely on and look forward to working with.

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Tara Feehan learned the lesson from her parents: whatever job she takes, it needs to be fun. If she does not enjoy it, then it is not the right job. Feehan has worked hard to follow her parents’ advice and land a job she loves, working in brand management for Procter and Gamble.

Fresh out of college, Feehan started off in retail. When her role at took on a marketing twist, she discovered a passion for the creative challenges and strategic thinking required for this area of business. Yet she yearned for more ownership of a business, to be able to make a profound difference as a leader. She decided brand management was the right path for her, and Kelley’s MBA program would get her there.

As a grad student, Feehan interned at P&G, where she worked on the Head & Shoulders brand in Cincinnati. Her roles ranged from developing a digital marketing strategy to increasing consumer awareness of the brand. She quickly learned the ins and outs of working for such a large company as P&G.  “One of the first things I learned is that because there are so many other brands in the portfolio, someone has probably already tried or done something you’re trying to do,” Feehan says. “It’s worth doing your homework and understanding the knowledge of the company and using that as a jumping-off point.”

She was offered a job at the P&G office in Boston after graduation, joining the Male Grooming Business on the Scale Team. In this role, she will be devising ways to leverage the strength of the P&G Male Grooming Portfolio (including Gillette, Old Spice, Braun, and Head & Shoulders) to create efficiencies, maximizing impact and benefitting from cost savings.  Feehan says that each of these brands has such a strong history, and  to be able to work with each of them at some level will be very interesting and exciting.

After a gratifying experience last summer with P&G, Feehan will head to her new job confident it is the right place for her to launch her career. “It is a highly collaborative company, very team-based, and that’s something I really enjoy,” she says.  “I want to be a strong team member, one that my colleagues can rely on and look forward to working with.”

Published April 11, 2011