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At Kraft and Beyond, His Kelley MBA Is Life-Changing

Scott Glenn MBA'09

Scott Glenn

“The change I experienced through Kelley was more than academic.”

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Before he entered the Kelley MBA program, Scott Glenn already possessed equal parts creative and analytical—a winning combination for brand management. An associate instructor at the IU Jacobs School of Music, Glenn had dropped his interest in math to devote himself to music. "I gave up a lot of who I was—that analytical piece," he says.

Glenn wanted his work to have a greater impact. "A lot of what happens in the business world affects everything," he says. He found his true calling in brand management, where decisions require the ability to influence and oversee designs, messages, numbers, sales, and all aspects of production and operations—often within the span of a day.

At his internship with Kraft in Chicago, Glenn used the entire toolbox—all the soft and hard skills he learned through his Kelley courses, the Consumer Marketing Academy, and the Brand Leadership Conference, where "you learn what makes a successful manager, and how to be smart on the job," he says.

Glenn interned in Kraft's Grocery division, on the Grey Poupon and Shake ’n Bake business. For Grey Poupon, he managed a free-standing grocery display from first ideas through production, prepared consumption reports, and made recommendations on a packaging strategy to the vice president. For Shake ’n Bake, he participated in branding brainstorming sessions and generated consumption reports. Another project was a customer category analysis for Meijer that covered several businesses in the grocery business unit.

He'll return to Kraft after graduation, where he has accepted an offer to start as an associate brand manager. "Kraft is a great brand management company," he says. For Glenn, the career change is only part of his new picture. "I came in needing a change in my life. The change I experienced through Kelley was more than academic. I've learned to think and solve problems in ways that influence other parts of my life. I thought it was a career change, but it's really been life changing."

Published April 11, 2011