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Interning at Hasbro Was Like Walking into "Santa's Workshop"

Ramit Kapoor MBA'09

Ramit Kapoor

“You grow up as a kid with these phenomenal world-class brands, and working on them at a company like Hasbro was exciting.”

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“I came to Kelley with the dream of working at a toy company," says Ramit Kapoor. "So to intern for Hasbro last summer was incredible. It was a truly nostalgic experience for me. You grow up as a kid with these phenomenal world-class brands, and working on them at a company like Hasbro was exciting.”

Kapoor's main project at Hasbro was working in the marketing division for G.I. Joe, a brand he loved in childhood. “How do you take the brand equity of G.I. Joe—which was popular in the 80s—and make it relevant now to kids who don’t know about it?” Specifically, Kapoor worked on segmenting and forecasting the market for G.I. Joe, determining who was currently buying the products, and why.

Using several tools, including personal interviews with collectors, Kapoor prepared the forecasts that would influence future production. There were some wild cards to consider: an upcoming live action G.I. Joe movie and holiday sales. "You need to prepare for the spikes," Kapoor says. But often, you don't have all the information you need to make predictions. Kapoor says this is where his Kelley education proved invaluable. "Kelley taught me how to provide a recommendation when you don't have all of the necessary data points."

Kapoor says one word sums up his feelings about his Hasbro internship: "Confidence. I was very confident walking in. The first-year curriculum and the Consumer Marketing Academy at Kelley not only prepared me but made me feel confident about the overall recommendations I made throughout the internship.”

The Consumer Marketing Academy (CMA) played a vital role in landing the internship, Kapoor says. "We were able to visit toy companies through Kelley Company Treks. We made connections with Mattel, Hasbro, and Disney, and we came carrying the Kelley brand, which gave us credence. I would have never had a chance to talk to anyone in the toy industry if not for the CMA."

Published April 11, 2011