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The Center for Brand Leadership is a close-knit group of top MBA students, faculty, alumni, and corporate partners who share a wealth of industry knowledge and contacts.

Blazing a Trail Inside Kelley and Out

Jason Prziborowski MBA'10

Jason Prziborowski

I would be very comfortable vouching for my future classmates that they would do a great job at Heinz. Id love to get more Kelley people there.

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Prior to entering the Kelley MBA program, Jason Prziborowski juggled his time between coaching basketball at Principia Upper School   in St. Louis, working as an alumni officer for the school, and running his own fine arts company. Each job demanded a different skill set—leadership, project management, and business.

One day, a fateful conversation with a Kelley alumna in St. Louis opened his eyes to the possibilities in brand management. He learned that he could combine his skills with a Kelley MBA to reach his ideal career. “I realized that by working in brand management I could have one job instead of three,” he says.

He enrolled in the Kelley School, where he joined the Consumer Marketing Academy and had a chance to deal with real-life challenges in the business world. Armed with confidence from this experience, Prziborowski took an internship at Nestlé in Glendale, California, where his focus was on the Butterfinger brand.  

At Nestlé, he gained insight into the world of social media, which has become central to his career plans. “There are a lot of big organizations that haven’t figured out a way to utilize social media with all the different brands they have,” he says. “Consumers want you to talk to them, but they also want to talk back to you. Social media allows that.”

Since his internship, Prziborowski has followed Butterfinger to see which social media strategies have proved beneficial. Staying up-to-date in that arena is no easy task. He keeps up with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and blogs, which are constantly changing.  Yet he has built a knowledge base to aid him as he begins his new role as associate brand manager at Heinz after graduation. “One of my goals is to infuse Heinz with social media and expertise,” he says.

Prziborowski is the first Kelley MBA student to land a job at Heinz directly after graduation.  He has opened the door to this company for future Kelley students and hopes others will follow in his footsteps. “If I do well, I hope Heinz will be hiring other people from Kelley in the future,” he says. “I would definitely be very comfortable vouching for my future classmates’ ability to do a great job at Heinz.”

Published April 11, 2011