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The Center for Brand Leadership is a close-knit group of top MBA students, faculty, alumni, and corporate partners who share a wealth of industry knowledge and contacts.

Adeela Hussain MBA'10

Target: Retail Brand Management

Adeela Hussain

ďItís exciting for me to see people reach their goals. I enjoy going to work every day knowing thatís the impact Iím having.Ē

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Adeela Hussain has always gravitated toward leadership roles. This is not unusual for a student in the Consumer Marketing Academy (CMA). But when Hussain decided to get her MBA after a successful career in finance, she suddenly found herself surrounded by enthusiastic leaders just like her. This was a new challenge.  

She adapted quickly, becoming not only a better leader, but also a follower, when it was called for. She credits her peers for making her an all-around better person. “When you’re around those types of people, it makes you want to be more ambitious and push harder,” Hussain says. “It pushed me to be better in a non-competitive way.”

Hussain will take the skills honed at Kelley with her to the Target Corporation, where she will be a buyer in the grocery division. Working with a retail company, she looks forward to having more of a direct relationship with the consumer than she had during her earlier internship in brand management at Kraft. However, Hussain feels that experience in brand management will be beneficial in her new role.  “It makes me a little bit more adaptable because I know what it’s like from both the retail side and the manufacturing side,” she says.

“It’s a very trendy, forward-thinking company,” Hussain says about Target. “I wanted a company where I could go a little outside of the box, where there was room to instigate change and growth.” This gives her the opportunity to lead others, to make a difference like she had for years in her previous job as a financial advisor and during her time at the business school. At Kelley, she served as president of Kelley Women, a club in the MBA Association dedicated to helping women reach their professional goals, and she conducted mock interviews with students preparing to enter the business world.

No matter what path her career takes, Hussain hopes it involves leadership. “It’s exciting for me to see people reach their goals,” she says. “I enjoy going to work every day knowing that’s the impact I’m having.”

Published April 11, 2011