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Indiana University Bloomington


New Employee Payroll

Good news for IU employees! Your IU pay information is available online from your computer, wherever you are! Additionally you can add or update your payroll direct deposit information online. Read further for information about both of these components of employee payroll self service at Indiana University.

Electronic Pay Information
Indiana University Payroll has worked with your department on a process to eliminate printing and distributing paper pay information each payday for employees with direct deposit. Your confidential pay information is available online on your normal payday and your historical information is always available.

Please become familiar with the online pay information, including how to access it, how to see your personal historical payroll information, how to print a paper copy if desired, and how to read the form (i.e., understanding what the data represent). At any time, if you have questions or problems concerning payroll self service, bi-weekly paid employees can contact Michele Good, monthly paid employees can contact Cindy Cummings, and faculty can contact Paula Trueblood for assistance.

Electronic Payroll Direct Deposit
You are able to sign up for payroll direct deposit, or modify your existing direct deposit via the same online employee self service. We realize that once your Direct Deposit information is set up, you may not have a regular need to use this service, but we encourage you to access the online environment and familiarize yourself with how it works. For those who do not currently have direct deposit, or wish to change your direct deposit information (such as splitting your deposit or using a savings account instead of checking), please take the time to use the self service application!

Where Is Employee Payroll Self-Service?
Employee payroll self-service is on the OneStart page. Go to OneStart, log in, and go to the Services tab. You will find a channel titled Employee Self Service that will have the links you need to update your direct deposit or view your pay information.

Online documentation for both paycheck information and direct deposit is available on the FMS website under the Payroll section:  Employee Self Service Documentation